How come you don't know it wrong?

Anybody who gives a flying rat’s ass on here probably already knows and is sick to death of my unimportant little life’s drama. Going through a divorce, getting over a subsequent relationship, challenges at work, blah…blah, etc… etc… ad nauseum.

Fucking kill me just to shut me up!

So my ex-girlfiend (amicable breakup) tells me this afternoon that her boss approached her with the knowledge that she and I recently broke up.

A little background:

I know her boss and he knows me from the gym. We’re not friends but there is no animosity between us (that’s changed now). We don’t chat on any level beyond a simple “hello” and “how you doin’?” However, he is friends with my ex-wife as they also know one another from the gym. The reason for our divorce is likely not a secret to him as my ex-wife’s boyfriend also belongs to the same gym. Yes, it’s very incestuous and I’m really getting sick of the place. I didn’t want to be the one to leave the gym because of a sense of pride and a big “fuck you” to her and the boyfriend but I may need to review that resolve. That’s a story for another day.

Anyway, the ex-girlfriend’s boss has seen me and my ex-girlfriend together because by sheer dumb luck she started working with him in January of this year. We didn’t realize this was the case until after she took the job.

Bottom line, after we all figured it out, the guy kept acting like he and I are some kind of friends around my ex-girlfriend. Always coming to her with a nod and wink as if he’s in on some kind of cosmic secret. Always letting her know when he’s seen me at the gym. Always making sure to mention to her that he and my ex-wife are gym buddies.

Cut to today, he drops by my ex-g’s office to mention that he knows she and I are no longer together. The only person who could have possibly given him that news is my ex-w. The only reason she knows is because my kids, who’ve become attached to my ex-g got the news from me two weeks ago that they would probably not see my ex-g very much any more. My kids were old enough to know because they were old enough to ask and worry about why she wasn’t around any more.

So how come this putz doesn’t know that it’s wrong to talk about people’s personal lives in a business situation? Particularly when the person in question is an employee.

And why doesn’t my ex-w know that it’s wrong to tell her buddies my business?
Particularly since we’ve already been through a very unpleasant experience where one of her other so called friends figured out that I was managing his technical staff on one of my projects and started to talk complete and utter smack to my director about me.

Why don’t otherwise grown up and seemingly intelligent people know that some things should just be kept on the d.l.?

I feel like cracking heads. Fuckers.

Did you say it was at an office and professional gym or the Junior High School gym?

Jumpin’ Geraniums dude, where do you live? Mayberry? With connections like that either Charles Dickens is writing your life story for you or there aren’t but maybe 14 people living within 50 miles of you. This totaly sounds like the small-town rumor mill that drove me into the big city.

But keep the tales coming. I’m addicted. :slight_smile:

Do most people think that gossiping is wrong? I got the impression that there was a significant percentage of people who felt it perfectly appropriate to derive pleasure and amusement from the passing along of juicy tidbits. I’m not saying that I would agree with them, but I’m pretty sure the immorality of gossip is far from an established fact.

And, wait, if you’re telling your/their story here aren’t you committing gossip on a grand scale? If you can do it, can’t everybody else?


Well it’s my story about my relationship and it’s being discussed by people who are not privy to any details, yet revel in every morsel they peripherally sniff. Plus, the anonimity of the board allows for certain liberties while maintaining sufficient privacy.


You’d think it was bumfuck Nebraska but nope… major east coast metropolis. They keep saying technology made the world a smaller palce… technology has nothing on a few really dedicated gossips with nothing better to do with their lives.


The former, which sadly behaves like the latter.

Update: Ex-g and I just spoke and resolved to say nothing to anyone at this point. As much as I’d like to get into her boss’ face the next time I see him in the gym, it would just make things worse for her and provide further fodder for his wagging tongue. I’m just going to pretend I don’t know and hope he gets bored and finds entertainment elsewhere.

Ex-w and I just spent the evening in our children’s school visiting their new teachers and info on this school year. She didn’t probe and I didn’t say I knew she opened her yap to her friend. Although she did share some unsolicited but personal information about somebody she knows I don’t like because I busted him earlier for the crap he said (see above OP). The odd thing about this is, in the 15 years together, I’ve never known her to be a gossip. WTF happened? Why the sudden interest in my personal goings on? She’s the one who left me. :dubious: :mad:

She left you, but you didn’t let it ruin you or kill you. So she wants to know what’s going on. That’s my WAG.

She’d moved on. Well before I did. We’re not involved in a child custody or property dispute.

So, in service of what? :confused:

Just curiosity. Not necessarily in a bad way. You were hers, so in some way she may still wonder what you’re doing.

Ok, this is probably just me, and because it’s kind of late, but it seriously took me the entire thread PLUS a minute or two to figure out that the title is supposed to be “How come you don’t know it**'s** wrong.” I kept trying to figure out what it was that someone knew that you expected them to know incorrectly.


I think it’s past my bedtime…

[QUOTE=MisnomerI think it’s past my bedtime…[/QUOTE]

Mine too. G’nite folks…! :o :slight_smile: