People who aren't vaccinated - what should they be called?

The article says it could be as soon as next week.

For full fda approval for 16+? I thought next week was just the expected date for an EUA for kids 12-15.

The article says Pfizer may apply for full approval next month. The more imminent thing is an EUA for 12-15.

This article talks about a group of people who can’t afford to take the day off from work to get the vaccine or have some logistical problem of getting vaccinated. Like with most things, the poor have less access to what they need. Vaccines are no exception. A graph shows that the less money people have, the less likely they are to be vaccinated.

And this is why I keep saying in the topic about whether it’s ethical to pay someone to get the Covid vaccine:

I’m predicting that in a few months, they will be called ‘uninsured’. The cost of COVID hospitalization is high, and I find it hard to believe that insurance companies won’t soon refuse to pay medical bills, or provide insurance at all, for unvaccinated people.