People who know only four words . . .

I. Me. My. Mine

No matter what – no matterWHAT the topic of conversation is, these people are able to turn it around to themselves.

I am surrounded by these people at work.

Them: How are you?
Me: I have a slight headache.
Them: You think you have a headache? I had this headache last night that actually split my head in two!! I almost went to the emergency room, I tell ya! But I called my uncle who has these headache pills and I tried one and it kinda helped but I was talking to my mother who has a friend who tried these pills and suffered the side effect – extreme flatulence!! Well, I had gas so bad the other day I was floating around the ceiling! No fun, let me clue you. Although it sounds kinda fun. . ."

By this time, my eyeballs are glazing over.

Actual conversation with my cubicle partner.
Her: What are you having for dinner? (She’s asking this at 8am)
Me: Uhhhh. . .I don’t know. Bologna.
Her: My daughter hates bologna.
Me: Well, I wasn’t going to offer her any. (Did I fucking ask you if your daughter likes bologna?)

I actually find myself drawing away from people and avoiding conversations because of this. I also think I’m becoming rude to them. “Yeah, so?”
I’ve also tried interrupting. Doesn’t work, 'cause they interrupt me right back.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, I’m sure
you do it too.” But I don’t and I think that’s why I notice it so much.

Gah. My first rant and it’s pathetic (and maybe childish.) But I had to say it, dammit.

skips away singing, “If I only had a brain. . .”

You think that’s bad. You should meet the people that I know. :wink:

Hate to say, but everyone (including you) likes to talk about themselves. Some people are just more graceful/humble about it.

Though, I do think the first guy/girl sounds like a total tool.

Of COURSE everyone likes to talk about themselves. Still, some people have never learned (or they ignored) one basic rule of social interaction:

  1. Don’t be so farking selfish, you bastard!

It’s okay to talk about yourself a good deal, it’s just when it becomes your ONLY topic of conversation that it gets wearing.

I knew a girl like that. We stopped being friends after a short while. Unfortunately, I lived with her a semester. Her “it’s all about me” show was tiring by January 15, and I moved in sometime around the 8th.

Well, I don’t.


The worst example I saw was at work - one person had just returned from burying their first grandchild. The other said "I heard about what happened, and I’m really sorry, but I have bees in my house.

Once, I, too, had bees in my house. And I’m allergic to them. It inconvenienced me for one day and I don’t recall making it a big deal with anyone I spoke to that day, let alone some one who’d just buried their grandchild.

Sounds like they had assholes in their house, too.

Oh my god, you think YOU hate those people, well let me tell you…

What’s wrong with that?

You should try skipping away singing “i, me, mine” by Godflesh. They’re such a good band. You know, I missed catching them as the opening act at a show once because my friends were late as usual. The trials and tribulations of my life, it’s insufferable sometimes. The crosses I have to bear…


Try to gain an interest in your fellows.

“What are you having for dinner?” is not about dinner, it’s about “I don’t want to work-lets have a conversation”

And “How are you?” is either about “them” or it’s just a greeting, not mean’t to be answered literally.



Mine? Mine?
(10 points to whoever gets the movie…)

Is it…Finding Nemo?

huh huh…is it? Do I get 10 points? Cause you know, I could really use 10 points.

Agoraphobic here. Don’t know what else to talk about. Leaving out pronouns is a dodge. Bet you noticed.

Now agoraphobic and paranoid.

Like you care.


Why yes, yes it is Finding Nemo! Ten points to Fugazi!

And yes, I am a natural blue…

Yer afraid of goats? :wink:

one thing i always noticed and admired about one of my coworkers is that he always sincerely asks everyone about themselves and listens. he never talks about himself.

he must have more shit on people… :slight_smile:

Here is a fun game my friend pointed out to me. Get in a conversation with someone and then keep track of the “I” statements they make. Once you play it a few times, you start to notice when you, yourself do it.

Good times, good times.

I guess I should have mentioned that she proceeded to launch into a detailed list of foods her daughter did and did not like, and I was praying for my phone to ring.

I guess the big problem is that this makes me insecure and introverted.

When I do have something of interest to say (and it does happen on occasion) I refrain from doing it because I’m sure whoever I’m talking to is going to turn the conversation (“I got mugged last night.” “Well, I’ve been mugged lots of times and my brothers’ wifes’ nephew was actually a mugger. . .”).

PalJuicy is looking for some free therapy.
It’s all about ME ME ME.

I’ll go self-medicate now

It used to piss me off, but then I got older.

Me coming home from a trip to Orlando:

“How was it?”
“Well,” sez I, “It was really good, I had the greatest time and this roller coaster, Space Mountain…”
Cow-orker interrupts:
“Oh, it’s just like when we took the kids to Lego Land last year… bla, blittety blah

Now I realize that it’s just part of the human pattern. People process the information by relating it to an experience of their own.
Live with it.