People with very apropos last names

I know an organist whose surname is “Piper,” and a girl who worked in a bakery, whose last name was “Boulanger,” French for baker! I also knew a guy named "Stoner,"who, well…enjoyed a fine assortment of herbs. :smiley:

I always think it’s neat to see last names–particularly in languages I understand–and imagine the ancestors of said person inheriting a surname based on their appearance, occupation, or origins. And then finding that it works well for their descendants, too!

Have any of you encountered fitting last names like that? Or maybe first names? Or maybe even your own name if you don’t mind disclosing it on the internets?

My parents went to school with someone who ended up being Dr. Doctor. I want to say he’s a dentist.

I know of a urologist named Dr. Cockerill.

My eye doctor is Dr. Glasser.

The first endodontist I saw was Dr. Payne.

My dad worked with a woman who was a nurse. She married Mr Nurse. So she was Peggy Sue Nurse, Registered Nurse.

Greg DeFerro-bodybuilder.

My father’s surname is both his profession and his hobby. He is the current president of his hobby group too, which must amuse some of their newsletter subscribers.

My electrologist’s last name is Pluck. For those who’ve never had electrolysis done, after the hair root is killed, the electrologist pulls the dead hair out with a pair of tweezers.

Knew a dude in college who was involved with the Central Rally Committee. That’s the people who do the pageantry for athletic boosterism – the cheerleaders, yell leaders, fireworks, stuff like that. His initials were C. R. C. and he learned how to be the fireworks master, having the title of Cannoneer.
His last name was Cannon.

Not a profession, but I have a friend whose eyebrows are extremely thick and whose lastname means “He With Thick Eyebrows”. We joke that in his case there’s absolutely no doubt about direct patrilineal descent from whomever got the name.

An old friend of mine used to be strangely pleased that his Dentist was Dr Moller.

I hope spelling doesn’t count.

Surely that’s cheating? Choosing a career that fits your surname?

Only kidding, that’s pretty cool.

Not an acquaintance, but I’ll float this one out:

Usain Bolt?

In my personal experience, I have known a pair of partners in business named Archer and Bowman. And a Jester who worked for a King.

I also knew an Engineer who was studying civil engineering, whose father was a civil engineer. I don’t know if the son made it.

I knew of several Farmers who were farmers, when I worked with a farmers coop once.

I know an architect called Houseman, but he works in the commercial space.

The Queen’s banker died last week. I believe his last name is spelled Coutts-Money.

Dr. Perry R. Weiner, Urologist (Philadelphia, PA; USA)

Dr. Ralph Cox, Urologist, (North Carolina)


The drug store in a small town near here is named after the owner: Aikenhead.

When I worked concert lighting, I had to get permission to use lasers from the local fire department. The contact? Ms. Laseroff.

My sister went to a podiatrist named Dr. Noto.

My fencing instructor in college was Mrs. Pearse.

I use an attorney whose last name is Lawler.

There’s a urologist in my town whose last name is Nutting.