perfect weather

What would be the perfect weather day for you?
Me, 82 degrees with sun.

My perfect weather would be rainy, dark,and cool and me in bed under the covers sleeping.

I live in Florida, I’m tired of heat and sun.

Depends on what I want to do that day, but for most I’ll take 55-60, clear, with a slight breeze. I dig crisp days where you can wear regular clothes and walk around without getting sweaty.

You should come to SF then pezpunk, it is, in fact, rainy dark and cool right now.

Hmmm might need to look into that. I was just thinking this morning about where I would move if I moved. NYC was my first choice but who knows! SF has good bands too (I like those go-nuts guys!)

Western Colorado has these kind of days often:

The last 3 hours of the day, the temperature dips to 70[sup]o[/sup]. The breeze picks up just enough to give you goosebumps if you think about the cool. The air is scented with sagebrush from the desert. And the humidity is only 5-10%.

any day in Palm Springs excepting those in the months of July and August - warm to hottish days (90s), BLUE skies, abundant sunshine, perfect evenings (60s), very low humidity (makes up for those times when the low temperature of the day is at 3 AM and is approximately 102 degrees).

of course, then there is always Kihei on the island of Maui,
seems to be perpetually sunny with an ocean breeze and cool nights…

Right now, it’s sunny, breezy and 67 degrees (Farenheit - that’s something like 3298573 Celcius or something) here in MARYLAND!! (one more degree up and we’ll tie a record)

Early summer morning.