I control the weather (and I'm taking requests)

Let me know what you want and where you want it, and I’ll see what I can do (within reason).

FYI, Boston-area dopers, my lawn needs water. Sorry.

Could you make it a bit cooler herein south Florida? Like anywhere from the 50-70 degrees during the day. Thanks.

Could we maybe have the nice sunny 70-degree days on the weekends when we can get outside, and the depressing-but-necessary gray rainy days on work days when most of us have to be inside all day anyway?

How about some rain for north Georgia to alleviate the drought and pound some of this freaking pollen out of the air?

Here’s a challenge : I need sunny weather last Friday; think you can manage it? I really want to go (have gone?) golfing with my best friend the day before his wedding.

Mid to low 60s in the day, high 30s to low 40s at night. Clear most of the time except when we need rain. If it does rain it should be a rousing good thunder storm!

Rain in Central West Texas, please. Thunderstorms would be nice. No hail or tornados, though.

Make every day like yesterday, until the end of May. Then make every day like last July 27th from then on.

Fine, you can make it rain one day a week. Wednesdays.

So you were the one who smote Calgary yesterday?
(“Late winter storm drops 15 cm of snow…”)

Make the weather in South Florida pleasingly dry and warm. 80-ish degrees for the entire day and comfortably cool for the night. Allow some days of 90 degree weather, preferably Saturday and Sundays, so we Floridians can do what we do best: spend all day at the beach. If it must rain one day of the week, make it Tuesdays at night and no thunderstorms, tornado, hail or nothing. Very little cloud cover for the rest of the days.


We’ve had 21 feet of snow so far this year. It’s snowing again now.

You can stop now.

Ditto to that. Three feet out of this last storm, which is hopefully exiting tonight.

I wouldn’t mind a warm (60 or so) rain during our match tomorrow in Albuquerque. No wind, please.

Think you could muster up a blizzard for Nashville, TN? My friend who moved down there has been talking smack all winter! :mad:

Can you make it at cloudless 78°F in Pasaden…oh, it already is. Never mind.

Thanks for the offer, though.


Alpine and enipla, both from Colorado, posting back to back requesting less snow? What are the chances of that? :slight_smile:

No complaints. Keep up the nice weather, please! thumbs up

I can’t decide. Surprise me.

We’re going to be among the first to pray to a weather god at this point in the winter (ahem, I mean spring)!

BTW, it’s letting up here - thanks Winston!

Don’t get your hopes up, we still have May.