A Request to the Weather Gods

Dear Esteemed Weather Deities:

This weekend will be the first time in nearly four years that I have been on a real vacation. I’m going to Maine for a bit of camping. Acadia looks very very pretty, lots of trees and scenic vistas… The weather forecast, however, leaves a little something to be desired.

I would greatly appreciate it if there would not be rain and thunderstorms all weekend. I want to hike. And roast marshmallows. And not get all soggy. Or have the marshmallows be all soggy. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

I know I am supposed to be a grown-up and everything, but I assure you, my sense of decorum is completely shot. I know you weather gods are a capricious lot, so if you could just use some of that power to prove the Weather Channel people wrong (as I know you love to do), I will sacrifice many many marshmallows in your honor. I’ll also dance [del]naked[/del] around the campfire.

Yours respectfully (and desperately),

[whine]It CAN’T rain this weekend! It just CAN’T!!!

Unfortunately, this looks rather ominous


Just take all the rain that was supposed to go there, and send it here…today’s the first time it’s rained in several weeks. We need more!

Rain? What the hell is that? Whatever it is, if it makes things soggy, we could use it here. It’s so dry it’s like I live in a freakin’ desert or something.


This is MacTech, reporting in from Dover, NH with a LIVE WeatherDoper 42 forecast…

about a half hour ago, we had a MASSIVE thunderstorm blow thru here, it lasted about 20 minutes, and dumped…no exaggeration here, dead serious… at least 3-4" of rain, wind gusts were around 50-60 MPH, the rain was sideways at times, i half expected to see a funnel cloud drop at any moment, apparently northerly areas got dime size hail

it’s still rumbling in the distance, but largely out of the area, should be hitting the Portland area soon… have fun, guys, this is a biggie, and looks to be getting stronger as it heads north, since it’s skirting the coastline, it’ll be picking up a lot of moisture from the coastal beach areas…