Enough! Enough already! Uncle! Okay, I give! ENOUGH!!!!!

Help. I live just outside of Boston (by about a block, actually).

We are having our 256th storm of the season. We’ve had about 600 more inches of snow than is normal for this time of year.

Ordinarily, here is what I think of people who have the audacity to complain about the weather: Shut the hell up. Everyone has to deal with it, you’re not special, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So just shut up and deal."

Today, however, I feel differently. Please, PLEASE someone in Florida invite me to your house. It’s so windy I can’t see the house across the street. We’ve got another six inches on the ground and god knows how many more coming. I’ve permanently injured my back by shovelling. My snow tires are shot. My tolerance for freezing and wetness is shot. Please, someone help me!


65 and sunny today in the Seattle area. We could use some rain though, I can’t remember a winter as dry as this one. Some of the Cascade mountain ski resorts never opened this season.

Do you have any cooking and cleaning skills?

Please, PLEASE can I visit you. This is seriously unfunny. Before it was just snowing 40 inches at a time. Now it’s blowing and tiny frozen rocks are falling out of the sky and I want to go KAYAKING and I just can’t take it any more! Every trip to work, to the grocery store, to the local pub, is an enormous struggle.

please help. We’re going bonkers here.

Yes, and other skills as well. Can you help?

I didn’t think you would take me seriously!
Well, I do live in Florida, but I am female, live alone, a bit social phobic, and VERY frightened of taking in strangers. :eek: again

Oh, I’m not strange. I’m a 35 year old woman who simply wants to be WARM and to be able to see the hood ornamant on her car while she’s driving.

I’m social phobic too, but of course that’s exacerbated by the fact that I haven’t been able to leave the house since December because of the weather.

I’m more “motherly” than predatory. And a very polite house guest.

those of us living in the ice zone are starting to look elsewhere. now, i would not go to florida. i’ve got a bit of a bug phobia… i hear iceland has some warm spots!

my neighbourhood is an ice rink tonight. yak trax weather here.

Yes, I was considering Alaska for a warm up. Florida has a lot of old people too. Old people are nice, I’m just not quite ready to join their ranks. Maybe Arizona?

Actually, anywhere without frozen snot would be good.

We’re ffffffffrrreeeezzing up here. It was 53 yesterday and 23 last night. I was really liking that 50 degree weather. Bah friggin humbug.

if only the snot would freeze! as soon as i go out, the nose faucet starts.

puff plus… don’t leave home without them.

[b}ChoosyChips**, I live about a block south of Boston – what direction are you in? I was thinking the same thing, as I almost died from exposure on a 10-minute walk through Downtown Crossig around 7 tonight. I was actually enjoying the rain this morning, because it was a) too warm to snow and b) melting the current snow. I guess I got excited too quickly…

rocking chair, when I was in Kingston, Ontario, we used to measure how cold it was by how quickly the snot froze – 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30… And no, I’m not exaggerating. Okay, maybe it was just me who did that. But still, I remember plenty of days when my snot froze after five seconds of being outside. Brr!

I’m just off of Comm. Ave, east of Boston. The wind! God, it’s howling! Someone make it STOP!

Will you manage to dig out for work tomorrow, or is it going to be a snow day?

Oh, I used to go to school on Comm. Ave. – I remember that wind well. (He says, rubbing grit from his eyes.) Actually, I’m thinking of moving back to that area in a few months, but that’s another topic.

Oh, I take the train to work, and it’s a short walk to it, so no shoveling for me. I do feel bad for everyone else in my house, though… How about you?

You’re east of Boston? No wonder you’re cold…you live in the harbor!

See this is my problem with Florida. And California gets too many earthquakes. Don’t even get me started on tornado alley. :eek: I’ll stick with the snow.

I get my groceries delivered. That helps. My 3 1/2 year old walks around saying “I’m hafta wait a spring to go outside. Brrrrrrrrrr - cold outside.” We all hafta wait sweetie :frowning: But it is March… I’ve seen snow as late as May but that’s really rare. Despite the weather outside (My first thundersnow!) the worst really is behind us.

Boston-area Doper here…

I just moved (in February, right after the blizzard!! - long story) from a narrow Somerville back-street to a nice place in Watertown.

The best part about my new place is: a driveway!! The five-year-long rats-in-a-cage nightmare of fighting for street parking during snow conditions is OVER!! I will shovel and shovel and it doesn’t bother me because I no longer have to structure my schedule around where I’m parking, and how long I can stay there before I get ticketed. And I will no longer have to keep a mental database of where the best, most secret places to look for spaces are.

This euphoria will easily last through the end of this winter, and probably one more winter as well.

I actually like the cold, and I don’t mind the snow. What gets me down is lack of supply in the face of too much demand.

'Nother Bostonian here. (Brighton, near the B line.) I work near Logan, right on the water, and the wind is always TERRIBLE here. It’s always warmer and less windy at home. I recommend moving west of the city. I moved up here after spending four years going to college in Baltimore. I had to escape the summers there. Ick! Ick! Ick! If you’re going to move south, avoid swampy places like Florida.

My place in Brighton has a working fireplace :smiley: so if the weather’s really bad (like last night) I can just build a roaring blaze and curl up with a glass of Scotch and a good book. Only probably is, the flue isn’t built very well. We just had it cleaned, but a lot of smoke still escapes, so the house smells like woodsmoke for several days after each fire.

Happy note: I had physical therapy after work yesterday. When I got out, the wind was howling and you could hardly see 10 feet. A few of us carless folks were standing in the lobby, waiting for rides or taxis, and several people who were leaving offered us free rides. Hooray for nice people! :smiley:

I don’t know, if there has to be a storm, I say to make it like last night. It was so windy that there was not one iota of snow on my car or in the driveway this morning. It all blew away.

This makes up for it taking 40 minutes last night to carve the ice away from my windows so I could see to drive the mile home from the train station. The car was encased with ice. Note to self: get an industrial-strength ice scraper for next time.