(Perhaps Surprising) Things That Make a Girl Sexy To You

Equal time, boys, equal time.

I’ll start with one I hear from no other men. I like a small, dainty, milky-white…wrist. I love to look at, to hold, to lightly squeeze a woman’s wrist, and to lightly massage the inside of it with my thumb. For some reason it’s a tremendous turn on for me.

The nape of her neck. I remember my very first hard-on: It was in first grade, when the teacher lined up my class single file to go outside for recess, and I stood behind a girl named Lynn.

As a bisexual woman, I’m putting in my .02. :stuck_out_tongue:

Strong, confident women who are secure in their own sexuality-whatever it may be.

Women who collect swords and know how to use them.

Nice, shiny hair.

A lot of the things I find sexy in men, I find sexy in women. The nice hands, the great eyes, cowgirls, boots, sense of humor.

Okay, I’m gonna go look at my picture of me and Claudia now. :wink:

ACCENT I love a girl with an accent of any kind! Also pouty lips. And at the risk of sounding like a total pig… a nice rack is always good too.

[sub]What do I find sexy in a woman?[/sub]


Any girl obviously more intelligent and knowledgable than myself, yet humble about it, is a very very big turn on. (Especially when she knows more about computers and math.)

A girl who finds me sexy is sexy automatically.

Playfullness. This could be in the realm of fun intellectual debate, or something more physical. Either way is very nice.

Well, to start with any woman with the name Arden Ranger, but I imagine everybody male or female on this message board agrees with that statement, so not much news there.

Other than that, a woman who is athletic and intellectual. Show me a marathoning woman (or bicycling, or volleyball playing or…)who reads John Locke (or Shakespeare or Campbell or…). I guess it goes back to the old Greek concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body. It just turns me on.

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Thick eyebrows. I think they make people look more intelligent, and smart is very sexy. Also, I like women with short hair, anywhere between just-brushing-the-shoulder to just-started-boot-camp.

It’s all about agressiveness for me. I like a girl who’ll kiss me first, pounce on me, be the initiator of “fun”, and give me dirty looks (the good kind) in public.

I’ve never been seriously attracted to a girl whom I hadn’t seen in glasses at some point. Go figure.

Glasses, of course. I expect that one will be very popular.

Dyed hair, especially an unnatural shade. Tasteful body art. If she’s an expert in an area that I am not.

I like feeling like a protector/provider, so a girl that lets me feel that way.

Aggressiveness. I am clueless, and if she kisses me first, or makes the first move, or initiates sex, mmm!

There’s more, of course.

I find any girls who humms along with “Time of the Season” when it comes on the radio sexy. (Trust me, there’s no better song to get hummed to).

Girls who play volleyball
Girls who wear denim jackets to concerts
Girls who like picnics
Girls in sundresses on windy days
Girls who leave the hat on

Ok none are that surprising.
Glasses are good too, especially when you see a lady with glasses, hair tied back, and a proper workplace outfit - she comes home and she slowly takes off her glasses, lets her hair down, and ‘gets comfortable’…

I second that. Glasses on a woman are very sexy. Unless they are outrageous frames.

::there is a resounding thud as bobkitty falls out of her chair::

Oh, Fiver… you’ve hit on two out of three spots for me… find the third one and I’m yours! [sub]well, you’d have to share with Mr. Bobkitty…[/sub]

But from their descriptions, it seems you’d have to fight Arden Ranger and TheNerd for me. :smiley:


Frizzy hair. Yeah, that’s good.

[sub]and she should live a long way away from me so that I might worship her from afar[/sub]

And bonus points if she plays the tuba.

A girl that likes gratuitous cuddling is sexy in my book

The hairy arms, not the manly hairy arms but the light blonde peach fuzz… lots of peach fuzz…uuuuhhhmmmmm :::::wipes up the drool::::::


Intellectually, I may or may not appreciate what she’s intense about, but on some level the response is always there.

The woman I am currently pursuing just donated all her hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients (children mostly IIRC).

Seeing her with that little buzz cut, knowing what she did…rowwwrrrrr:) It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy:)
I like shorter women, If I can put my arm around their shoulders while standing next to them in a sorta protective sorta way( I like that) …mmmmmm Kinda like what TheNerd said.

But I also really really really like a little agressiveness in a woman :wink:

Let’s see here, brains, comfortable with herself (Hey, I like to look at her naked body! If she’s got a problem with that, then that’s a real frustration for me.), mechanically inclined, odd sense of humor, willing to get dirty and nasty (and not just that way :smiley: ), and a certain tone of voice. Don’t know how to describe it, but all the women I’ve ever dated or lusted after have had a certain pitch or tone to their voice as well. Finally, now that I think about it, any accent other than a southern one.


The third, of course, is the backs of your knees.