What Makes A Woman Attractive?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. That What Makes Men Attractive? thread needed a rebuttal, unless it’s already buried deep within the archives.

Men, speak now or forever hold your piece. Hehehe.


Someone who reads alot of books.
Can match or beat me in Jeopardy.
Sarcastic, vulgar sense of humor: bonus points for self-depreacting humor, ability to laugh at self.
Can recite Simpsons dialogue verbatim from memory.
Nice feet.
Nice teeth.
Wears glasses (not mandatory but sexy)
Curvy hips and arse, no heroin-chic please.

Well, lessee…

A keen sense of the absurd.
Glasses are indeed a turn on.
Some athletic ability, or at least a predisposition towards physical activity.
A sense of purpose towards life.

Turn-offs include smoking and helplessness/ditziness, real or feigned.

MemoryGongs, I think I’ve got everything there, but I’m not sure I’m eccentric.

Shucks. Me and my fat, Simpsons watchin’, glasses wearin’ arse will have to move on.

Physically - I like women who are small but curvy. Cute rather than beautiful.

Emotionally, I like my women stable, easy going, and not too ditsy.

Intellectually, I like women who are intelligent but creative too.

Not too much to ask… :wink:

please stay…and tell me more…grrrrr…lol

I would have to say a personality i can relate to. Someone who doesn’t take themselves seriously, who doesn’t nag, sarcasm is a plus, so is the ability to understand introversion as a lifestyle. Also, who doesn’t view me as a status tool to feel better about herself, and, almost as important as having a personality i can relate too is someone who isn’t immature. Alot of ‘women’ today end up going out with cute guys with mucho self confidence who get them pregnant & abandon them. Someone who is interpersonally competent & wise would be really nice.

As far as looks, i’d prefer someone i am physically attracted to, but that isn’t necessary if she has other attributes.



Skinny, overthinking life, more than two kids, rudeness, has an ass that’s bigger than mine, smoking in the house.


Curvy. “I like a little meat with my potatos.”
A nice smile.
A sense for the absurd.
Good humor.
Brown eyes are good.
Likes to fish, raft, hike, workout, etc.
Has a dog that weighs more than 40 pounds.
Doesn’t mind that I’d prefer to cook about 80% of the meals. (I just like to cook.)
Would rather hang out at home or with friends than in a bar. (I’m 40. Two hours a week at the pub is good enough for me.)
Really likes and is comfortable with sex. (I miss goooood sex, the kind that makes you feel like you need to change your name and move to Texas.)


No nagging, unnecessary whining, or mind games
Doesn’t tune me out or complain if I mention anything about my job, or nerdy-ish interests
Preferable that she would share at least some of said nerdy-ish interests
Loves cats
Enjoys good food, and has good taste in wine

I think glasses lend that sort of “Mysterious Librarian” look, which is sort of cool, but it’s not a must-have for me

Physically, I’m not terribly picky. But if I had to choose one physical attribute that would influence my decision, it would be the face (I don’t have any specific criteria, I just sort of know it when I see it).

-movie snobbishness
-bad hygene
-being bitchy

Turn ons
-good appetite
-loves to workout
-loves a wide range of sports
-physically fit
-loves movies
-nice face (as said by others, know it when I see it)

A woman who doesn’t need and rarely uses makeup. Who has grown into her beauty after her teenage years, and still has a touch of shyness about her. And definitely glasses. I’m a picky guy, but these things will make me weak in the knees, so to speak.

Good hair
A pretty face
Nice big rack (but not too big)
Thin waste
Nice ass
Nice legs
Not a crack ho
Knows when to shut up


a nice voice (accent and cadence, not one i’ll be annoyed by)

someone who looks happy in her own skin, dresses to please herself, and looks good because of it.

someone who flirts back.

When I was younger, these were the things I looked for:
Red Hair
breasts (2)
legs (2)
Now that I’m a bit older and more settled, these are the things I find interesting:
Red Hair (some things never change)
pleasant smile
sense of humor
enjoys reading
computer literate
easy to chat with
shares common interests with me
breasts (yup, some things really never change)
sharp wit
enjoys being with me.

Overall it seems to be more about the personality now than the appearance. I’m just lucky that the woman I’m with covers the best of both worlds.


Turn offs:
Aleady has children
Stretch marks
Tobacco user
Smells bad

Turn ons:
Spiritual Depth
Clean body and home
Deep, soulful Marilyn Monroe eyes
Full lips
Hourglass, voluptuous figure
Swanlike neck
Good singer
Good dancer (must Waltz)
Can recite Shakespeare from memory
Tolkien fan
Doesn’t complain about music being too loud
Likes guys with muscles
Fast and accurate with a gun
Skilled with cars, motorcycles and horses.
Good with a sword
Devoid of hair below the eyelashes
Likes cats
Sarcastic and funny
Can challenge me on every level
Sexually ravenous
Knows ASL (American Sign Language)
Knows Martial Arts

Barbie seems to be the going thing.

Confidence, comfort with themselves, and (here’s the big hurdle) a willingness to look at me twice.

Strangely enough, that last one alone won’t do it.

A mountain bike she’d own and use
and camping out she’d not refuse
and alcohol’d not be abused
perhaps she has some leftist views?

She can smoke if she wants, but not inside
She’d know how to drive stick, and like to ride
a motorbike, and pot she’d tried.

We should like each other’s friends
and have time apart because that tends
to make the moments we’d embrace much sweeter

She doesn’t have to like my books
and I won’t be the one who cooks
she’s an omnivore and not a picky eater

I’m not concerned if she is Bi
but prefer to be the only guy
Dog lovers need not apply
(I’m more a pet cat guy)
But how will we meet if we’re both shy?
It’s confidence that’s in short supply

Long hair, and boots of any kind
a non-argumentative mind
and passion for all humankind
that’s the girl I hope to find

Being nice to me, ultimately, does a lot more than appearance. I’ve spent significant time (in school, mostly) with women/girls who were physically to die for.

Personality-wise, they were dead to me.

Eye candy is nice, but true attraction, for me, comes from something a lot more valuable. When you close your eyes, any physical ugliness disappears. You have to do a lot more to make someone who’s rude go away.

You raanggg…

three feet tall w/ a flat head and pistol grip ears… :rolleyes:

the flat head is to sit the bottle of tequila on, I know it’s an old joke but it seemed to fit…
<t-keela retreats quietly mumbling something about mustard & biscuits>