What do you find attractive in men, mark 2.

Because I don’t think Diff T deserved to get pitted for the original version of this, and also I’d just quite like to know. But I’m also gonna include some non-physical traits in mine, because I can’t fall for a guy with a crap personality, no matter how much of a honey he is.

Here’s my photo-fit guy:

Height: He’s gotta be tall - sorry Diff T! But I’m 5"8 with a fetish for high heels, so he needs to be at least 6 foot! It’s a thing I have - I like to be able to cuddle up to my guy’s chest and feel all safe and protected. Plus, the taller he is, the tinier and more delicate I feel by comparison, so it’s good for my ego!

Hair: I’m all about extremes, so it can be either all wild and tangled and messy, or shaved (I love running my hands over a freshly-shaved fuzzy head). Colour wise, I prefer dark hair, but I have gone out with a couple of blondes and, a couple of years ago, the cutest red-head!

Facial hair: I have a love/hate relationship with stubble. I think it looks sexy as hell, but my sensitive skin is prone to stubble rash! I quite like goatees, too.

Eyes: Can be any colour, as long as there a definate colour - deep blue, piercing green, or darkest brown. Saying that though, my current bloke has hazel eyes, because any physical aspect can be overlooked if the guy has the following:

A sarcastic sense of humour: I have a very sarky, piss-taking sense of humour. I keep it under a very tight reign, as most people find it borders on rude. If I ever meet a guy who not only gets it, but can give back as good as he gets, I’m putty in his hands.

Quirks: Quirky is good, but only if they’re genuine - people who deliberately try to be “a bit mad” irritate the hell out of me. I fell for my bloke in part because he was so tickled by his mortgage broker being called Boris, and because he watches “Songs of Praise” every Sunday even though he’s not religious so he can sing along with the hymns, and sees nothing odd about this.

A bit of good ol’ fashioned manliness: Not to a neanderthal extreme, but he should have the ability to take charge occassionally. Wishy-washy “new men” who let themselves get bullied by their other halves bug me. I couldn’t have any respect for a man who did whatever I told him to, and I couldn’t feel any attraction for someone I didn’t respect.

So there you are. I’m sure there’s other stuff but I can’t think of it right now. Oh - except I also have this weird thing for mono-brows, don’t know what that’s all about…

Ideal guy:

Tall, I’m 5’4" (ish), but a guy that’s taller than me by a considerable margin is always good, simply because I also like that feeling of being able to cuddle up to a guy’s chest, and feel all safe and protected. Its a thing I have. :slight_smile:

Hair - most of the guys I’ve been out with have had dark hair, but there have been a couple of notable exceptions.

Eyes - the colour’s not important, so long as they’re sincere, and have a certain quality that I can just get lost in. I can’t describe it but there is, with some guys, just this thing about their eyes, that I can stare into them, and get totally lost in. I don’t know. I’m strange.

However, a guy can have all of that, and I could still find him ugly. Why? He needs to be intelligent, and appreciate me for what I do and what I am. That means not being scared off just because I have a good first degree and am doing a PhD in astrophysics. He’s also got to respect the fact that I am to a certain extent, religous, and not try and change that (this has been a major point, which has led me to say “that’s it” to a guy).

Charm is another thing. I like a bit of good old-fashioned gentlemanliness and charm. I like being complimented, having doors held open for me, things like that.

A man who makes me laugh, with whom I can have an intelligent conversation, doesn’t mind the fact that I drink bitter by the pint, and who will help me take the piss out of anyone and anything, and won’t mind that I can be a sarcastic little so and so every now and then. Plus the charm. Charm is important. A man with charm will probably find I’m complete putty in his hands.

Are we talking relationship attractive, or watch him out of the corner of your eye all night in the bar attractive?

Both, I guess. The physical stuff will have me perving at him from afar, but it takes more than that for me to consider them a potential SO.