(Perhaps Surprising) Things That Make a Guy Sexy To You

Anyone got any things that really get them going, especially things that we wouldn’t think of offhand as being traditional hallmarks of male sexiness?

Here’s my partial list:

Premature greying (yeah yeah Milo, stop preening) Also intriguing–when a guy has one patch of white or grey on the side or back.

Cat ownership

Good with Babies/Toddlers/Kids I don’t think I’m alone. My husband was always stunned by the attention he got when he took Cranky Jr to the grocery store when he was a baby.

**Big Noses. ** I don’t go in for big noses because of that old saw about being well-endowed. I just think it suggests a strong character and makes for an interesting face. Think Steve Perry (stop laughing). Gerard Depardieau (well, he’s a little scary, I admit). Magdalene’s boyfriend (yowsah).

I like a little gray at the temples as well.

Crooked lips I don’t even know how to properly describe this. But I know that most of the men I find attractive have crooked lips. Till has them, Gary Sinise, Ken Olin. It kind of creates an unintentional pout.

Good smoking we’ve been over this before.

Good black shoes I saw a guy the other day that wasn’t even that hot, but he had these real shit kicker Doc Martin type shoes with metal rimmed soles. They were so sexy I thought I would die.


So, jarbabyj, have you given up on welders?

No no! The Welder has wonderful crooked lips and a great jaw. It’s not really his occupation that makes him sexy. It’s that fucking hot ass face of his. And those dirty jeans.

Now I’m sweating.


The baby thing.

I see a young guy on the train with a pink diaper bag and a wriggly baby in a stroller, he leans over to adjust the hat and maybe hand the child a few cheerios from a sandwich bag. He props the little foot on his thigh to tie the baby’s shoelace.

I’m practically creaming. God that’s so sexy!

Frantically taking notes

Good at Trivial Pursuit. Not kidding. Guys who are smart are generally a turn-on for me, but guys who are good at obscure trivial knowledge? To die for.

There’s a whole bunch more weird traits that I find sexy, but most of them are because MrWhatsit has those traits, and I find pretty much everything about him to be ultra-sexy. So it’s hard for me to separate those from the stuff I would find sexy anyway. :slight_smile: If that makes sense.

You mean me? Or is there another prematurely greying milo in here?

Don’t know if i’m more bummed out at the prospect of having to change the user name which I was so happy to get, or the fact I was tying my hair back when I read that. :o


Sorry for the confusion. I meant Milosarian, whom I’ve met and have personally seen to be prematurely greying.

I’m sure you’re just as appealing. :slight_smile:

And I don’t think your names will be confusing. I call him Milo because I’m too lazy to type the whole thing, plus I keep retyping it with two s’s and then two r’s and neither looks right. In fact I just wasted two whole fricking minutes on that.

Good daddies are sexy. I go for the guy who offers to buy me icecream rather than a drink.

The beagle family went to Hooters Sunday (the Packer’s game was not on the local TV station). I was in charge of baby beagle while mrs beagledave ran home for some personal business.

The waitstaff spent an inordinate amount of time walking by my table…smiling… Me and baby beagle didn’t mind a bit :wink:

But didn’t baby beagle feel confused, and inordinately hungry? :slight_smile:

big noses, yeah!!! something about a guy with a really strong nose. bit not the nostrils themselves. if the nostrils are big, yuck!!! but a long, strong proud schnozz is so hot!!

and calves. guys with rock-hard calves that look like they’ve been sculpted in marble. mr. zoot has the best calves i’ve ever seen that did not belong to a danceer. one of the musicals i was in was choreographed by a gorgeous blond with a huge nose and yummy-drooly calves. he was amazing to behold, and of course he was gay!!! WAAAAHHHH!!!

One more for “hit on while holding baby”. When my daughter was still a baby, I’d carry her in a chest pack. I can’t count the number of women that started conversations with me while I was carrying her that way.

I was carrying her in uniform one day (Navy Winter Working Blue), and was hit on twice within 5 minutes, with my wife present. I, of course, got the blame. [sub]Ouch.[/sub]

So ladies… Do Uniforms do it for you? Or was it just the pretty little girl in my arms?

“but not the nostrils…” damn damn damn, so excited to be writing about big noses i didn’t even proof-read. sorry.

  • mopping the sweat off her brow and upper lip*
    ooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Uniforms are a yes. Of course, since that’s a cliche, I didn’t include it on my list. But a uniform, with baby in a Snugli or Baby Bjorn or sling? Whew.

Is it hot in here?

This will probably sound weird, but when I met my now husband he was driving an excessively large Pinto stationwagon. On one of our first dates I noticed he was about to parallel park in a spot about one 3 inches longer than the car itself. I thought “No way” but he threw the transmission into reverse and oozed it into that spot without hardly blinking, first try, perfect. For some reason that made me nearly faint with desire, lol.

Must resist metaphor…must resist…

Yeah, I thought it would be guilding the lilly to point out how phallic a station wagon is. :wink:

BTW, when I see a guy with a baby, the only thing I think is “SUCKER!” Not sexy AT ALL!

Another vote for the baby thing. It’s really easy to explain from a biological standpoint, of course.

Uniforms? Awwwww yeahhhh.

Physically: biceps. Not bodybuilder huge, but nice well-toned biceps. Yowza. I love to hang on to 'em when…well, never mind. And legs and butts. Ever see Brady Anderson in his baseball pants? 'Nuff said.

Cerebral turn-on: wit. I love a man who can turn a nice phrase. I have an online friend who writes so incredibly well, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when we met in person and there was really no physical chemistry. HUGE bummer.