Perimenopause sucks (TMI, perhaps)

I want the kind of perimenopause where your cycles get longer and longer, not shorter and shorter.

I got my period Friday, and thought, hm, that’s weird, I thought I was only about halfway through my cycle. Oh well, whatever: light flow, no cramps, no biggie.

Got back to work today and checked this calendar, which is where I keep track of this stuff – it had been 12 days since the start of my previous period.

I just want to go on record as saying this sucks.

You sure it wasn’t some kind of breakthrough bleeding or something? Yikes.

Yes, because once a month just wasn’t enough…
I feel your pain.

It went on for about three and a half days (normal is five), though it was extremely light. Dunno what it was, but it was 12 days after my last period. That’s less than two weeks.

Pissed me off almost as much as getting a big zit recently – shouldn’t you be exempt from breakouts once you’re eligible for the AARP?

Honey, you ain’t much older than me, and I just found out today that one of the unmentioned side effects of weight loss surgery is zits. Maybe we can pop them together…

Fortunately, the periods I have to worry about are VunderWife’s…