Permanent Ban for UltraVires


After lengthy discussion in the mod loop, we’ve decided to permanently revoke @UltraVires’s posting privileges. This is based on the following formal warnings, together with numerous mod notes.

Warning from @puzzlegal in April 2021 for taking political potshots in an MPSIMS thread.

Warning and one-day suspension from @What_Exit in April 2021 for trolling in P&E.

Warning from @What_Exit on April 24, 2022, for thread derailment with straw man arguments in GD.

Warning and one-day suspension from @Aspenglow on November 2, 2022, earlier in this thread for violating our rule against sexualizing posters and their arguments. This warning could just as readily have been given for raising another straw man argument that resulted in a thread derailment, because no one in the thread had in any way indicated they would be gratified at the idea of Trump being raped in prison. Further, a warning could have been given for the successful thread derailment. The thread was about whether Trump will be indicted, not whether anyone would feel pleasure if Trump is raped in prison.

This is a protracted course of conduct we seem unable to influence in a positive way despite many attempts. For these reasons, this permanent ban is imposed.