Personal experience in SDMB debates (a bit long)

I fucking well do get it, but I’m able to separate the fact that I think he should be spending a long time looking at the inside of the bars for crimes ranging from fraud to, in all probability, manslaughter from the urge to leap about dancing in joy that he’s got a serious medical condition.

I may be wrong, but I’m not sure why it’s wrong to hate someone who so obviously hates you first.

For instance, as an atheist, I have absolutely no loathing for Christians or other religious types who go about their life, don’t attack me or curse me for my atheism, or try to impose their religion on my life. I do however loathe someone who says I was somehow responsible for all of watching the deaths of 3000 innocent people on 9/11, someone who would make sure I have no place in government because I am unfit to serve as an atheist, someone who steals the money of others with lies, and who advocates other people trust in God for healing while he uses their money to run to the nearest doctor.

I’m not that bothered if he lives or dies, and I won’t worry myself at night about it. I am curious though why it’s apparently wrong to hate, because I don’t think it is.

Ah, but you see you’ve made a rhetorical slide here since your first post on this thread.

In that post, you implied that you were glad that he had cancer by saying

But now, you say you have “limited sympathy” for Robertson, and that you have more sympathy for those he has scammed.

This is fine. No-one is asking you to fall down crying because Robertson has cancer. Plenty of people have bad things happen to them, and we can’t spend our time mourning for all of them. But not caring about his cancer is NOT the same thing as saying you’re glad he has it. The latter smacks of the type of hatred that Robertson is criticised for, as iampunha pointed out.

I don’t care very much about anything that might happen to Pat Robertson, but i’m not actively happy that he has cancer.

Reverend Mykeru wrote:

And you’re just like Fred Phelps. He condemns people he thinks are horrible. Oh, and you can kiss my presensile rectum.

No slide there. I have limited sympathy. Very limited sympathy. It’s so limited it can be measured in parts per billion.

Scammed? Try fucking killed.

I am glad. It makes me almost believe in divine justice.

I didn’t say I was happy he had cancer as much as I am disappointed he probably isn’t going to die from it.

Is that harsh? Is that hateful? Maybe, but I will save my sympathy for someone who is actually deserving of it. I don’t covet holier-than-thou brownie points for lamenting the suffering of someone who probably can’t suffer enough to make amends.

I quote from Faith Healing :

Since Robertson uses the “safe” (for him, in terms of being empirically verified) “shotgun” method, there is no real way of knowing his body count. Still, He really can’t die enough for my liking.

I never realized before how good a job Pat Robertson did in spreading hate. He spread it all over Reverend Mykeru. And it stuck. Even better, he’s spreading it too.

Rev. Mykeru could have taken the high road and refused to revel in the pain of a fellow human being. After all, what benefit could be gained by posting what he has? It’s not like anyone here is saying that Pat is a great guy. No one needs to be convinced that Pat is wrong in what he’s said and done. All that could be done is the continued spreading of horrible sentiments.

Looks like Pat won.


You mean the “God Hates Fags” guy that pickets the funerals of people that die of AIDS?

Oh, ok, if you say so, Mr. Analogy

Like, well…Pat Robertson does! More from Pat’s greatest hits:

Sounds like you need a lot more fiber in your diet, Chuckles.


You know, suddenly I’m feeling a belated sense of loss and sympathy for the untimely deaths of Hitler, Mussolini and that nice Dahmer boy.

Or I could have taken the really low road and attempted to profit from the pain of my fellow human beings like Pat.

I have a lot of Pat Robertson quotes that fit under that rubric, aside from the people Pat has scammed, killed and made suffer.

Pat is a little more than “wrong”. He is a human scavenger feeding off misery.

I’m sorry, I tried to dig up something positive to say about a hateful con man who clamps himself like a leech to the pain and suffering of others in order to make a buck, but my creativity failed me.

Damn, if only he would kick the bucket so he can do a dance in the afterlife end zone.

Wow. Twelve posts and you’ve already invoked Godwin’s Law. That’s gotta be some kind of record.


Happy to set you straight, from The Godwin’s Law FAQ:

Now, first off, invocations of Godwin’s Law as an automatic “you lose” gambit are to be frowned on. Secondly, Godwin’s Law simply predicts the degeneration of a thread, however, considering remarks of people such as Libertarian’s:

We can safely say the thread was degenerate before any invocation of Fascists. Secondly, your invocation of Godwin’s law degenerates the thread as much as any Nazi comparison.

Nice try. Read the fucking FAQ.

Amen, Reverend.

Oh, I needed a laugh. Thanks for that one:)

I am aware of what Robertson has done. I am also aware of the saying (of, I believe, Gandhi): “An eye for an eye and soon the world is blind.”

Do I detest many of the things Robertson has said/done? Yes. Does that automatically and irrevocably sentence not only him but his family and friends (some of whom could even have beliefs completely different from his, if that’s important at all) to the pain and suffering that is cancer? No. Just because you think the man’s a complete piece of shit doesn’t mean his family needs to suffer.

Maybe you missed this the first dozen times it was discussed.

Cancer affects everyone it touches. That includes those with tumors in their bodies, those who treat them, those who love them, those who work with them. Everybody. Are you now going to play Moral Arbiter and claim to know every single person involved in Robertson’s life and say they should bear that pain?

Lib was talking about a possible yo-yo in the thread that spawned this. So now, Mykeru, tell us … however did you find this board? You remind me of someone I used to know on here.

Well, we’re not making much progress on the OP, but I am certainly adding to my store of personal experiences. I now know at least six ways to say “Robertson is a scumbag” and count it as a serious point in a debate.

Ummm, he’s a faith healer? I know he did some evangelism, and he’s a TV personality, but they aren’t all like Tilton you know. He’s the host of 700 Club, and an outspoken political entity. Just come out and admit that you don’t like his politics and that is what this is all about to you.

Have done. Thanks anyway.

Oh, forfend! I shall be frowned upon.

Perhaps you could point to where I was doing the “you lose” gambit. In case you missed it, I was making the degeneration-of-thread point. Instead of giving us a well-reasoned argument you resorted to cheap jokes and references to Hitler. Am I supposed to be impressed by your argument based on that? Bad debating tactics and gratuitous references to Hitler sound like a degeneration to me.

Yup. And big man that you are you once again sunk to the depths available. And further continued the sinking process. You truely are a Paragon of Humanity.

Which was not done. Nevertheless we press on to figure out just how far up your ass your head is. Tell me, can you see dry land from there?

Proof is a wonderful thing, when you happen to have it.

You don’t.

He didn’t invoke it, you shit-sucking, maggot-infested, used tampon-licking, corpse-fucking pustule on the underbelly of a leprous babylonian hyena. You did. If you’d care to stop jerking off to the FAQ you just cited, you’d see the following text:

"1. What is Godwin’s Law?

Godwin’s Law is a natural law of Usenet named after Mike Godwin
( concerning Usenet “discussions”. It reads, according to
the Jargon File:

As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."

Invoke: “to put into effect or operation” (

Scrolling through this thread, we see this in one of your posts:

" You know, suddenly I’m feeling a belated sense of loss and sympathy for the untimely deaths of Hitler, Mussolini and that nice Dahmer boy."

That is the first reference to either Nazis or Hitler in this thread.

Folow your own advice, Mykeru. Nice try. Read the fucking FAQ.

I predict a long and fruitful career of posting for you here at the SDMB, Reverend Mykeru.

Or, possibly, not.

  • Rick

I am aware of what Robertson has done. I am also aware of the saying (of, I believe, Gandhi): “An eye for an eye and soon the world is blind.”

Interesting, considering that Ghandi was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic who could not forgive Gandhi for his belief that Muslims had equal value to Hindus.

Do the comments of Robertson seem closer to Gahndi or to his killer?

And don’t forget that Pat thinks that people should be absolved of all sorts of crimes if a church tribuneral thinks they were following the orders of God.

And eye for an eye? What? Did I give Pat cancer or something?

Then again, consider how much his family has benefited from his being a complete piece of shit.

Hey, you know what? Everything touches everything. You think the people who had diabetes or cancer or emphasyma or any other number of chronic and fatal conditions who allowed Robertson to siphon off their savings under the false promise of a cure if they could “get right with God” didn’t have family who were affected?

How do you know that every single person in Robertson’s life is feeling pain? If his family is anything like him, maybe they are praying for him to die so they can take over the business and get a nice fat insurance settlement.

Who appointed you the all-knowing eye in the sky?

I still have more sympathy for the families of all the people who died because they ignored cancer and threw away medication under Robertson’s influence.

Oh, you are right. You got me there. I am he, whoever he is. What’s more, I am, even as we type, hiding under your bed waiting for your guard to come down.

Incidentally, folks, did you see Cecil’s topic for the day?

Was President Bush’s great-grandfather a Nazi?

Does this mean we have to close the site down?


What didn’t you understand? Robertson is a faith healer. He used to do the standard V.W. Grant/Peter Popoff routine of “calling out” and “Word of Knowledge”, but more recently he has stuck to the safer “shotgun” approach as quoted by James Randi in his book The Faith Healers:

**iampunha **

He didn’t? This must be related to some general reading comprehion problem:

It was Trion who invoked Godwin’s Law after I referenced Hitler, Mussolini and Dahmer.

Funny that you talk about my head being up my ass when it’s obvious that you performing fellatio on your own appendix.

Oh, well, if you assert, Skippy.


Well, as long as you are predicting, and while your head is there, can you pull some lottery numbers out that fundamental orifice of yours?

No, you fucking puss monkey, the actual mentioning of Hitler is the invocation. You did the mentioning, therefore you did the invoking.