Personal Predictions For 2012

How do you think this year is going to work out for you?

$name = "UFCisSux";
print "${name} said I will be accepting a job that pays 4 times what I'm making now.";

I’ll be moving, that’s for sure - where to, not sure yet. But it’s giong to be somewhere more spectacular than this place! I’ll probably be more broke than I’ve ever been, but it won’t be the end of the world (well, I hope, 2012 and all that).

Things are looking up.

In most ways, and some personal ways, it will be about the same or better. Monetarily I expect it to be well off this year, since I earned about 30% extra in bonuses, and I don’t see that happening in 2012. Overall I put slightly worse off, but it could go the other way.

I’m going for realistically positive and say things will be a little better. How’s that?