What should I do next?

Hi everyone.

I’ve been away somewhat from the dope due to an insane work schedule coupled with the first significant relationship of my life. Things are busy but good…

Yet I yearn for something more.

Followers of my angsty, life know I haven’t enjoyed where I live. I am beginning to tire of my job and wish to move at the end of the year. It’s a long time in the coming, but a small part of me thinks it would be wise to stay one more year. Here are my options for next year.

  1. Stay where I live. If I work my job one more year. I will be debt free, own my car, and have somewhere between 10000 - 16000$ in savings. My job will continue to be mundane and my artistic side will be neglected again. It will be a frustrating year, but the year after would have many options with my savings (travel, house, education, etc) I also could update my humble G4 laptop of five years, and maybe buy a cool video camera.

  2. Move back to my hometown: Likely without a full time teaching job, but with the abiity to substitute teach, and teach guitar lessons and gig more. Could be crazy but I would be putting myself back in a city I know I enjoy. I also could live with my parents for awhile until I am set up (argh moving home at 28 won’t feel good). Also my girlfriend lives here…and I want to see her more! There is a possibility of making decent money, but it might be unsure.

  3. Go back to school for further education: Right now I’m thinking some computer and math training would go along way towards making me more hireable. Of course this means I go back to school and gain some debt. It would be something I think I would enjoy.

  4. Go crazy and move out east where my brother is and forge a new life somewhere else. I love Quebec. This is unlikely while I have a girlfriend in my hometown.

I really have an urge to do something exciting, and I want to do it soon!

I vote for 1, 3, and 4 (with your girlfriend), in that order. You’re only 28. Make some bank (yes, you’re unhappy… we all are ;)), then go back to school, then whisk your girlfriend off to Quebec and make kittens. Voila!

I went for option 1. Don’t regret it. Having 10k in the bank and being debt free is a pretty good feeling. Sure beats having a rotten tooth, a friend’s couch away from homelessness and working crap temporary jobs to eat…YMMV

I would opt for option #1, but don’t bank everything. Plan a long trip next year (preferably with your girlfriend) to someplace exotic that you would really enjoy. (I can personally recommend 2 weeks in Tahiti if your into the beach thing and want to get away from it all). That will give you something to look forward to while you continue to work at your current job. Travel is relatively cheap these days (except for the exchange rate) and spending some money won’t ruin all of your plans for the future. Don’t make any big moves next year, but keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that may arise out of the blue.