Personal Urns

This just seems creepy to me. I know the ancient Romans used to have masks of their ancestors, to be brought out for family funerals, but this seems…unnerving.

Maybe if the eyes were closed?

Yeah, that’s exactly how I want to remember my loved ones, with the glassy, dead-eyed stares they had in life.

Yes, those are creepy.


:eek:, indeed.

Wow! I’m gonna buy one!
Actually, no I’m not. Another vote for Ultra-creepy.

I want one, but of a much better-looking guy. After years have passed, my desendants will look forward to the eventuality of that Gregory Peck gene’s reappearance.

I don’t need a personal urn. I’m already a churning urn of burning funk.

So the Keepsake Size is a shrunken head? :smiley:
I like how it only holds a portion of the ashes.
“Who wants a spoonful of Grandma?”

I want to know if the eyes follow you around the room. 'Cause that would be bonus creepy.

Can I get one where the eyes blink at random intervals? Cause that would be so cool!

I mean creepy as all hell what on earth were they thinking?
From the website:

Now we’re talking. What could be better than to spend eternity within the screw-top head of Sean Connery as the only true 007?

Now, I could see someone MAYBE doing this with a beloved pet (I’ve seen shrines set up, for crying out loud) but a person?

How about one that’s motion activated and will blurt out random pre-recorded sayings as someone walks by?

You mean like “Gotcha Ya!” ?

AHHH! Can’t sleep, dead guy will eat me.


You know what I’d do with an urn like that?

<Andy Samberg>
I’d throw it on the ground!
Ain’t gonna give me no urn
What? do ya think I’m stupid?
Not gonna be run by The System!

Sorry - My son made me watch that clip over and over tonight.

Fuck that - I’m going to commission a funereal effigy, just like that one of the Marquis of Montrose, with the full 17th-century armor and everything, made of alabaster. That is the best kind of tomb there is; hell, I should write it in my will NOW in case I go early.

If only they’d had this technology in Jeremy Bentham’s day…!

would it be morbid to get one and use it as a cookie jar?:smiley:

Look on the bright side, the dead don’t mind. If they did, there would have been lots of banging & screaming coming from the crematorium.

Why am I visualizing the Ray Liotta scene from ‘Hannibal’…? :eek:

If a personal urn is not your thing, how about a cremation diamond?

So instead of proposing with Grandma’s wedding ring, he proposes with Grandma?:smiley:

They’re not only creepy, but at least that one is also both ugly and cheesy. Bleah!