Persons age 66 or older, your help needed please..

I am a college student. For a Sociology 101 assignment, I need to know what people age 66 or older feel the top 5 problems in American society are. Feel free to respond. :slight_smile:

flip-flop, welcome to the boards! I hope you enjoy your time here, and end up joining when your month’s trial is up.

Just as a little FYI, the SDMB has a rule about homework assignments. From the registration agreement:

You don’t say whether or not you contacted the moderators for IMHO (Czarcasm and TVeblen – they don’t bite, honest!), and I don’t want to see you get burned your first time out and want you to understand if you don’t get many replies to your thread. Since you’re new, I suggest you read all the stickies at the top of every forum, especially At This Message Board. That’ll help you get oriented to the world of the SDMB.

If you have enough time, I suggest you call up a local nursing home and ask them if they can help you with your question. The old folks should be more than glad to talk to you, and a Saturday afternoon with people who have lived long lives is always interesting. You could even make some new friends. I’m only 20 myself, so I can’t help you out.

Once again, welcome! The SDMB is a great place to hang out on the internet.