Pet Peeve of the Day: Feb 2 Edition

At the gym, when people monopolize the water fountain to fill their sport bottle-- and then STAND IN FRONT OF THE WATER FOUNTAIN while they quench their thirst from the sport bottle. Get the #($*# outta my way!

My cat’s snoring. It’s loud, obnoxious and constant the second she’s asleep. She has officially been kicked out of my bedroom at night.

Yeah, but I’m gonna fill it up again as soon as I’m done guzzling. I sure don’t want to have to wait for you when I was here first!!1!

Or so those selfish clods think. I’m not actually one of them.

In a related note – ladies, go light on the scent when you’re at the gym. I was on the elliptical yesterday when I was suddenly enveloped in some cloying floral scent, as the woman boarding the adjacent machine had apparently liberally coated herself with some kind of ghastly spring fresh body powder before heading out to exercise.