Pet pictures!

Many moons ago I knew a 16 year old girl that was bitten by one of her pet rats and got blood poisoning. Her whole arm swelled up and looked like a purple and red balloon with veins standing out.

Is that something you have to worry about with rats generally? Do rats get any kind of vaccinations?

I sure do miss having a kitty around. Would you mash him a little bit for me?

New “Max on couch” pic. He’s very comfortable.

I tried to get him while he was completely on his back in typical doxie pose, but he flipped on me.

I think Luna inspired a really weird dream I had last night. It was a very complicated and convoluted dream and I’ve forgotten most of it, but the part that sticks in my mind was that I was walking home through a vast wilderness, and suddenly a black wolf appeared and approached me. It looked a lot like Luna. It seemed friendly so I wasn’t afraid. And then it was joined by a second one, also black. The two of them ran circles around me, seemingly wanting to play, and not being at all aggressive.

I continued home and they followed me. I realized as I neared home that I could communicate with them – literally talk with them. But once home, a neighbour caught sight of them. “Wolves!”, he yelled. “I’m going to get my rifle.” And off he went to some distant place where presumably he kept weapons.

I went to the two black wolves and spoke with them. “This is a dangerous place,” I said. “Many humans don’t like wolves. You must leave right away. You must return to the forest, though I will miss you dearly.” And one black wolf raised himself and put his paws on my shoulders, and I saw that he was crying. And I was crying, too.

The funny thing is that I had no idea there was even such a thing as a black wolf. But there is, and it’s usually a melanistic colour mutation of a gray wolf. If you search Google images there are lots of pictures. They’re really quite beautiful. Here’s one. Remind you of anyone? :slight_smile:

Awwwww! That’s a wonderful story, thank you for sharing, @wolfpup.

The kittens are getting big. Little Linden is no longer little.

10 weeks

9.5 months

I’ll scare up some Poe pictures soon.

Scooter is our ten year old African Grey Parrot. He’s very moody.

Larry Griffin-Kentzel aka Cajun Man

Beautiful, beautiful shading.

He may be moody, but Scooter is gorgeous! But then I’m moody too. However, I am not gorgeous (grey I will cop to).