Pet pictures!

Another of Ollie, doing what he does best.

If their names are Yin and Yang…

What a wonderful pic of some beautiful cats.

Thanks! Tina & Leon have allowed me to care for them since they were about 8 weeks old; they mean more to me than every other thing I have combined.

Luna and I come out often and sit on the front lawn. Sometimes she wants to play. Sometimes she wants to lay. And sometimes she wants to snuggle:


She half rests on my leg, sometimes with one of her legs on me, sometimes both, and we just watch the traffic go by:


Then she’ll twist around and expose her belly for scratches, making funny faces for my amusement… I think.


As you can tell it’s a lovely San Anton… Luna! Get out of the frame, you diva!


All right, we came to a compromise. Anyway, the November/December afternoons are gorgeous in San Antonio!


Bringing this child home tomorrow. Pulled out of a garbage can at a car wash. Current name, given by my co-worker, is Trash Can Sam.

Awwwwww… good on ya. He’s very handsome.

You and Luna were obviously meant for each other. What heartwarming pictures!

The cat pics are lovely, too, but hey, I have canine genes! Trash Can Sam is gonna be a winner!

Is there a way that someone could send Trash Can Sam a couple of cans of gooshy fud and maybe some litter? Just wondering for a friend…

Trash Can Sam is an excellent kit.

Some humans are horrible.

You are one of the good ones.

Looking through this thread, it occurs to me that one of the more underdiscussed aspects of domestication is that not only did mankind breed animals for usefulness, we’ve also bred them for attractiveness. Not just the dogs and cats seen here, but cows, goats, chickens, and more.

No wonder they’re all such handsome boys and pretty girls!

I think it’s a mix of two different things. Thing #1 is that we (or at least, many of us) tend to like animals in general, perhaps in part because of their simple innocence, and we have a strong tendency to anthropomorphize so that we see in them human features (e.g.- dog smiles) and behaviours. Thing #2 does relate directly to your point – the animals that we tend to adopt as pets tend to excel in these physical characteristics that we so love to anthropomorphize, and we intentionally breed them to enhance those characteristics. Sometimes, sadly, to the detriment of the breed’s health.

Gormless George reminds me every day that his breeder was going for beauty and not brains. He’s over 12 lbs now and will be 9 months old next week. Can he get distracted looking out the window and outwalk the back of the loveseat? Can he stand up to look at what’s on the table, then jump up and scare himself fluffy when he knocks the salt shaker over? Can he ever learn that when he stuffs his face down the kitty fountain while it’s being filled that he’s going to snort water? So far, the answers are Yes, Yes and No.

I have trained a wild tunnel spider to eat dead bugs and come to the entrance of her web when I got home. So I could give her dead bugs.

I have trained a goldfish to jump through a hoop for food.

I have trained sparrows to land on a home made runway so they would end up on chevron lines.

I cannot teach George to sit on a chair. I can get him on the chair by teasing him with a lure, but once he’s there he’s forgotten what he was doing and is off to do other things.

Hubs and I are both looking forward to George turning into a cat cause this big kitten thing is getting kinda old.

I thought you might like this dog story. Top dog: Attleboro pooch wins AKC Humane Fund award – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

Who’s a good dog?!?!

What a good boy, indeed! Bernese Mountain Dogs probably make great therapy dogs because they’re both beautiful and also gentle and affectionate. I do take issue with the writer of the article referring to Teddy as a “pooch”, though. We Bernese are a proud and dignified breed and resent being referred to as “pooches”.

Poochie is what you really want to avoid.

I was thinking that a dog that big and furry would be very hugable and able to withstand hard hugs and sobs.

I was slightly taken aback at the reporter calling Teddy a pooch, but then I had to tell someone that Gormless George isn’t a mere moggie. Ignorance of the important nuances is rampant.

What now?

Entertain us MEOW!

What a lovely pic of two very innocent cats.