PETA loose in Toronto! (Or why are drivers so stupid?)

Yeah, I don’t pit things too often. I normally forget after I get to work and settle down. But this morning’s drive was both funny and sad so I just have to mention it.
Apparently you can totally stall traffic and cause a 3 KM back up by holding a sign off a bridge. This is what happened today while I was approaching the ramp for the Gardiner from the DVP southbound. A group of 6 people + someone dressed as a turkey hung a sign off the Dundas St bridge that read “Thanksgiving = murder of turkeys”.


So apparently drivers can’t read a short sign and continue driving. Nope. People have to slow down and stop to read 4 words and a symbol on a 3 lane highway.

So, for all you crazy PETA people! You want to terrorize a city and paralyze all commerce? Hang cheap signs off of bridges! Those 6 people plus turkey costume cost me and about 10,000 people 20 minutes of our lives.

In hindsight it was probably a rather effective pro-turkey champaign (captive audiance!). Now excuse me while I grab me some chicken.

They call us The Big Smoke? They should call us The Big Crazy. :wink:

In other news, I’ve completely given up driving on highways around here ever.

The only time I ever drove in Toronto, I was on something called the QEW, which I thought was a mispelling of queue, because that’s about how fast the traffic was moving.

Og, I miss home. Can’t wait until I back in Toronto with all it’s constant wackiness and craziness.

Call me a freak but I actually enjoyed driving across the 401 all summer for work. Traffic doesn’t really seem to bother me.


Kid_A is either insane or my new hero. Possibly both.

Traffic normally doesn’t bother me because I’m usually out the door at 9 am. I normally fight light/moderate traffic taking the DVP south and then the Gardiner/QEW all the way over to Mississauga.
Today was just surreal. I thought another truck crashed (last 2 days, 2 trucks crashed and caused huge huge huge delays). When I approached the bridge I saw the sign, and then saw traffic disapear right after it.


Rubberneckers should be beaten and hung by their feet off of our bridges.

Yeah, but they’d never reach bottom as all of them would stop in mid-free fall to look at all the other tied up, bloody morons.

I’ve often advocated training special OPP [for non-locals, think State Troopers] sharpshooter squads who are dipatched to accident scenes; they would set up a blind and pick off anyone who slows down without the direction of a police officer. Sure, it would make things worse at first, but think of the long term benefits.

Of course, my colour-coded paintball-splatters-for-asshole-drivers plan would be funded first, but the sharpshooters would be next in line.



You have to be a little of both to be able to grow up in Scarborough.

No wonder it’s so hard to read street signs downtown; to prevent traffic jams!! :wink:

'Cause if you hung them by their necks they’d just bounce.

I did not know Canada also had a Thanksgiving holiday. When is it? I assume it involves eating a lot of turkey, like our holiday here in the South. Mmmmmmm … turkey …

October 11th. Always the second Monday of October.

And basically just an excuse to take a day off and eat some turkey. Not the big get-home- to-the-family event that I gather it is in the States.

You know, I guessed it was PETA. It also seems I can’t read while bitching at my fellow drivers. Here’s the Star’s report on what I saw this morning.
And I like the paintballing idea. I’m sure I could mount my Tippmann off my side view mirror. Gods that’d be great!!

Paintball the turkey costume guy all you want, just make sure you miss the naked PETA cultists getting their funk on in the street when they protest milk…we can’t be THAT cruel now, can we?

Hell, yeah (hey, it’s the Pit).

OK, you’re my new insane hero!


(I kid, I kid!)