Pete Campbell lookin' slick and sexy!

Looking slick as an oiled weasel with his stache-

Thanks for the reminder that Vincent Kartheiser is pretty cool. He looks very, very different from slimy Pete Campbell here, and it’s not just the 'stache. He agreed to put on a bunch of weight and shave back his hairline for last season of Mad Men. Couple that with the pasty, sweaty look that the makeup team gives him, and that heavy-lidded crocodile stare that he does, and it’s a very effective transformation.

I’ve never thought Pete/Vincent was attractive, and I’ve never cared for the way mustaches look…but…DAMN.

Anyone else think he seems to be channeling Jude Law as Dr. Watson?

Well, I put Vince Kartheiser into google images and DANG :eek: it came up with some astoundingly pretty shots! If you like that pretty boy look :). Dang!

I like the lounge lizard look, too.

Yeah, I remember googling him once and being a bit surprised that at one time he seemed to be being marketed as a teen-heartthrob type.

Pete Campbell grew a mustache? When? As far as I know Pete’s always been clean-shaven.

Oh… maybe you’re talking about some other Pete Campbell.

I was thinking of this one. You want slick? This guy’s absolutely the very best NCAA basketball shooter you’ve never heard of (unless you’re a huge Butler fan like me).

Please have a quick look at some highlights of him shooting the lights out in various NCAA basketball tournament games. Yeah, I’m hijacking the thread and it’s a YouTube video… But you only need to watch the first couple minutes (start at 21 seconds in) to appreciate the awesome net-tearing ability of this guy.

BONUS: Hilarious TV announcer wackiness ensues [at 0:21] after one particularly deadly three-pointer when CBS color commentator Bill Rafferty says: “You might say Campbell is Mmm, Mmm, Good!”

OMG he is totally skeevy 70s Pete!!

That’s the best he’s ever looked.

Yup. Don smoked some pot back when he had a girlfriend in the Village. Later, Peggy decided to have a puff & is in with a crowd where it’s the regular thing. And we all know abut Roger’s acid trip(s)!

But I fear Pete will find his drug of choice when cocaine gets hip…

Looks even creepier if you ask me. Are they planning on bringing back Leisure Suit Larry, too?

Yikes, I guess I’m the weirdo in this case for thinking he looked good. Although I think some would agree with me that he looks better than he did as Pete Campbell this season - with the weight gain and receding hairline, etc.

I can sorta see what they were going for. In one or two shots he has a retro vibe, like the dissolute son of a money-poor land rich British bigwig. But that mustache! Sorry, “oily weasel” says it all. (I think it was very brave of him to agree to shave his hairline. A sensitive thing for a man of his age, which is when it begins receding with no help at all!)