Peter Gunn's wallpaper

The 50s television series, “Peter Gunn”.
Gunn’s apartment has strange wall paper. It is also used in several other sets in the series.
It looks like sheet rock with diagonal lines of out of focus writing, or even smudges at 45 degrees. Was this some popular wall covering in the 1950s?

Is this the stuff?

Faux marble, maybe? I doubt it’s unique to the '50s.

@carnivorousplant, got a screen shot or an example of what you’re looking at? Even if I got hold of an episode, it might be different and not what you’re wondering about.

No, it really looks like white sheet rock someone has scribbled on with a magic marker, or smeared with paint.

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, everyone.

Here it is in a still from “Cry Love, Cry murder”. Sorry for the bad quality.

Watch Peter Gunn Season 3 Episode 25 - Cry Love, Cry Murder Online Now (

That link doesn’t take me to a still from the episode; it takes me to a video platform I’ve never heard of which wants me to log into Hulu to watch the episode.

There is a picture on the page that shows the wall.

Ahh, I missed that.

Yeah, that looks like a faux marble pattern to me, as @terentii suggested. However, I Am Not A Paperhanger.

That looks more like drapes to me, at least in that picture. Something a bit like this:

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I think you’re looking at the background to the viewer’s left, which are clearly drapes. What @carnivorousplant is referring to is the background to the viewer’s right, which sure looks like wallpaper to me, complete with seams between the strips.

I think he’s been scribbling on his walls; notes about cases in ball point pen?

Seriously, I’ve been googling “Peter Gunn walls/apartment/backgrounds” no luck…

Doh! Yes, sorry about that.

It does have a faux marble look, but if so it’s the crappiest faux marble ever.

Fake brick wallpaper?

Indeed. It appears, I believe, in the last season. Perhaps they were out of money. It is also used on a least one other set on the show.

That looks like lines of writing to me. One of my aunts had kitchen wallpaper(ca. '63) that was sort of like that. The background resembled aging paper, and there were random lines of script all over it that supposed to look like menu items from a french restaurant.

The first clue that something like that actually existed. Thanks, Bayaker.

I remember seeing that type of wall paper as a child. The linked photo isn’t quite what I recall, but it’s been a long time.

Youtube, “Peter Gunn Till Death Do Us Part”. I can’t load it, but my DVD has scenes with the wallpaper. It looks like splattered paint. Why would anyone want this on their wall?