Petty dislikes and petty attractions

A few years ago, I found myself in Washington DC with a girlfriend who I was getting bored with. Dunno why, she was just getting on my nerves, so when I was waiting in the car with the engine running, while she ducked briefly into various monuments, I took to jotting on a bill in my wallet some brief notes of exactly what she did that irritated me. It was a remarkably petty list, things like “Talks baby-talk to animals,” stuff that got on my nerves, all things that I couldn’t really hold against her, but I somehow did. It was quite a long list in the end, scrawled all over Ulysses S. Grant’s face, but it was petty beyond belief.

I was just trying to voice excuses to justify breaking up with her, which I eventually did, but I realized afterwards that in some other woman these annoying traits might not have seemed annoying at all. They may have seemed charming, in fact.

So I’d like people to list one trait their Significant Other displays that irritates you and one that charms you, just to see if I can identify which one is which.

In my case, this particular girlfriend also liked to get up early in the morning, which was a delight to me. What are your petty dislikes and your petty attractions?

I had one sweetie spend tons of money on me all the time.
Had another give me small, personal presents.

Guess which is which. :wink:

Which is which what? Is **pseudo **the first one? If the most appropriate scrap of paper he can find for jotting down notes is a $50 bill, then I’d imagine he’s got money coming out his ears. You should try to hang on to him, and foist the “small, personal presents” guy off on pseudo’s baby-talking ex.

I’m gonna guess the tons of money annoyed you, and the small personal presents pleased you?

Well, think about it: I carry a few big bills for emergency purposes, so they’re good places to keep notes. They’re always in my wallet, and I rarely spend them.

I wonder if the first item on her list would be “Sat and pouted in the car while I toured a bunch of cool national monuments; didn’t even turn the engine off”

You know, there were a lot of both petty annoyances and attractions, but after the first electroshock sessions the way she wore her hat was gone. After an eternity of bright lights and blaring music, the way she sipped her tea was expunged as well. And how she held her knife, as well as how we danced 'till three was waterboarded all the way out of the picture. So yes, they really can take that away from me.


I had a problem with a guy I dated. When we would go somewhere, as soon as he parked he would get out and head in to wherever we were going. He wouldn’t wait for me to even get out of the car! Other than that though he was perfectly polite; held doors open, etc. Must have been a habit.

My two things:

Any time something’s bothering me, he always wants to sit and talk about it.
He’ll go out to lunch without taking me along, even if I’m home and have the time.

Yep. Usually I can spot the guys that think money=caring from a mile away, but this one snuck in on me. It’s petty, I know, but…it just irritates me.

Nah–I was being extra-sweet to her. She didn’t want to do a lot of walking from wherever we could find parking to each monument, and I’d lived in DC and had already visited each monument she wanted to see, so I parked as close as I could and kept the car air-conditioned for her. (And I wrote out my nasty list of petty issues while I waited there.)

She’d lose something of no real value (say a rubber band) and tear the house apart looking for it. Who the frick cares?? Get another one!

Very flexible on both what and when we ate, as was I, so it was never a problem between us. Actually we both loved most anything.

Still a total dick move! :wink:

My sweetie forgets half-filled mugs of tea all over the house, often doesn’t close or re-seal bags or packages of food after she’s taken something from them, and doesn’t write down ATM withdrawals in the checkbook.

But just about everything else about her is wonderful.

Ahh, petty cash.

Bravo, sir. Well played!

So? You couldn’t tour them with her anyways?

It’s not like he can park on the street in front of each one.

Mine is, right when we’re in the middle of a nice debate, usually one I’m winning, he’ll totally derail it. For example we’ll be arguing about the reality of Noah’s Ark and the point of no return comes, at which time he’ll say something like, “well what about Pinocchio?”

There’s just no arguing that.

No, but he could drop her off at the door and then park and meet her in the lobby or they could both walk from the lot enjoying a nice conversation about what an old hand would know about the place. I suppose I could have left my late riser family back at the hotel and veiwed twice the sights but it wasn’t just about seeing the sights. Rather, it was about being with people I care for. And DING! care is the magic word. He didn’t. My problem with her would have been her lack of self asteem for still being with him.

Okay-to play-

Wiggles butt like a dog wagging tail when I get home from work.

Wants me to watch “Housewives of New Jersey” with her and not shoot myself AT THE SAME TIME.

He was once the Promenade Deck on the Ark.