Ever pass on someone hot for a completely petty reason?

So, I was at the gas station a little while ago, waiting in line to pay for gas. In front of me was a very good looking guy. He was wearing very nice jeans, expensive boots and had beautiful, shoulder length hair, pulled back into pony tail. I was about initiate some type of conversation with him, until I noticed that he was buying

A 12-pack of Keystone Light.

Yeah, I know it’s shallow. Ever do this?

I did this after overhearing a young hottie say, in all apparent sincerity, that her favorite comedy film was Movie 43.

I was at a party talking to a major hot MILF who seemed to be interested back when she mentioned

her husband. And I don’t mean ex. ETA: I guess that isn’t actually petty, tho it seemed like she thought it was…

Good job, you saved this guy from having to interact with someone so petty.

Along NoClueBoy’s lines, many years ago I was talking to an attractive lady and was trying to get up the courage to ask her to do something that might later result in clothing being removed when she suddenly described an acquaintance of mine with

one of the most racist comments I’ve ever heard in my life

I don’t think she knew that I knew said acquaintance, but I’ve never tried to get away from someone faster in my life. Wow.

Oh please. If you’re not going to have fun with this thread and play along, then bye-bye now. :rolleyes:

Yeah. Aside from cold feet, I realized I didn’t have enough money to even buy coffee, or because she had lady friends waiting in her car, or because the nearest bar was 4 blocks away, etc.

I once had the hots for a guy, from afar and for a long time. Then one day, long story skipped, he asked me to dance, and I hated his smell.
Others who are less frivolous or petty than I might consider that the guy could be convinced to change his deodorant or wash his towels, but I just dropped him.

Major crisis averted. It would have sucked to have developed feelings for her and then find out she was a racist.

If they are buying Keystone Light, they have no class. This wasn’t a petty reason. You did good by moving on!

He was also buying one single tall boy. I figure he was going to drink that one on the way home. He just could not wait for his Keystone light fix. :smiley:

Because she was an Estonian nationalist (this was back when Estonia was part of the Soviet Union) and had a lot of stuffed animals on her bed. This was a first date, which had gone pretty well in most respects, but I did not ask for a second, despite the fact that I think she would most likely have said yes. I didn’t want to get sucked into campaigning for Estonian independence (and I was not too sure about the prospect of making love amongst all those stuffed animals). I am a bit leery of all forms of nationalism, anyway.

In her favor, she had rather a cool Estonian name, with a triple vowel, including a double i in it. (Also, she was quite cute, and seemed to be an intelligent and pleasant person.)

Nope. Never (I said, as I picked up my Keystone Lights and Axxe body spray, making a racist comment as I leave the Quick Mart, fiddling with my wedding band.)

Not for a petty reason, but for a really stupid reason, yes.

Do tell…

Use the Pit next time instead of doing what you do here (which can be seen as threadshitting).

I once didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with someone who was incredibly hot because:

His Doberman Pincher didn’t like me. She kept growling menacingly, despite his constant admonitions to Elsa to “Be nice!”

Yeah, it’s hard to make out with someone when you’re certain that the second he leaves the room, his best friend is going to shred you.

I can honestly say “no”.

I was asked out by a smart, fun, attractive classmate, but turned him down because his curly back and shoulder hair stuck out from the neck of his T-shirt. I couldn’t stop imagining his whole body covered in pubes.

I also broke off a friendship when the guy kept pushing for more - he was a wonderful guy and I kept trying to feel attracted to him because I felt like I should be. So cute! So compatible! But I never quite got there.

I don’t happen to think “But you’re dating my best friend” is a petty reason.