Philboyd Studge

Was re-reading Vonnegut and saw one of the characters was named Philboyd Studge. IIRC, this was also the name of a breakfast cereal in one of the Saki (H.H. Munro) stories that no one wanted to eat since it was gross. Was Saki the first to use this name? Are there other examples of Studge out there?

Huh - I though I could answer this, but you’ve already got as far as Saki.:slight_smile: I think (may be wrong) Saki spelled it Fillboid Studge, though. However, leaving that aside, I seem to recall that in the Saki story, the chap who invented (or perhaps only marketed) it was extremely successful: precisely because it was such an unglamourous name, people assumed it had to be good for them, and bought it, with mothers forcing their kids to eat it for breakfast and so on.

I’m afraid I don’t know if Saki was the first with the name though (and I don’t think I have the book.)

My guess is that Saki made it up as an example of a particularly unappealing name. (That’s “Filboid Studge”, only one “l”. Could that have been the inspiration for “Mueslix”?) I do have the book at hand if you need a further reference. Celyn’s synopsis is essentially accurate.