If a person, most commonly, a guy, was said to have a dunlap, would you have any idea what that was?

Just some filler to keep the answers from showing up in a spoiler mouseover and spoiling the surprise. Don’t you just hate when that happens? It’s like when you pick up a book and you’re on Page 25, and you’re just getting engrossed in it when someone says “Oh yeah, I read that last week. I cried for three hours when Dumbledore died.” Grr!

A dunlap, or the alternate spelling, dunlop, is an affliction primarily of men. Overweight men whose fat bellies dun lap over their belts. The female equivalent is naturally, the muffintop.


We always refered to it as Dunlop’s disease, or furniture disease (when your chest drops into your drawers).

A synonym for “spare tire,” I would think.

Huh. I thought it was referring to tires, as on my car. Although I think my current ones are Continentals, used to be Dunlop was one of the few tire manufacturers that made tires for my car. It’s got an off sized wheel, which is annoying.

Yup, I know this one. Introduced to it by the father of my college girlfriend; it was one of his favorite jokes.

If you said he had “a dunlap”, no, unless I might think of tires.

If you said he had “dunlap’s disease” I would know exactly what you meant.

I’ve heard this all my life in the South.

Yeah, that’s the way I’ve heard of it.

Also known as a “dicky do.” As in, “his belly sticks out more than his dicky do.”

I know what a Dunlop is, but I’d disagree that the female equivalent is a muffin top. I mean, I guess technically it is, since the muffin top spills over. But it has more of a feeling of all-over (meaning it definitely includes the side hip area, and above the butt).

My gut (haw haw!) response to “what’s the girl version of a Dunlop?” would be either a “matron’s apron” or a “gunt”.

Rarely suffered by the same men who have Noassatall.