Philly Cheesesteaks. What and where?

I made some hot beef sandwiches with cheese recently and, sure, I’ll call them cheesesteaks. It was to use up my first attempt at what’s become known as King Charles among certain of us sous vide nerds. A cheap, tough chuck roast, lightly surface seasoned with some dry herbs in the SV bath at 130 degs for 24 hours. Chuck is elevated to King Charles.

It was very, very good but plain on its own so I cut some up to pan fry with onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and Cheez Whiz.

Great sandwich, the Whiz was the weakest link. That jar is like $7 (!) and bland to beat the band. Among the shelf stable cheesy things, I think some canned nacho or cheddar sauce would have been better.

Those two letters didn’t mean anything in particular to me until a few years ago but I’m sorry to say that UA is Ukraine.