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I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I cant find any columns about it, so here goes.

Do you Dopers have any recommendations about photo sharing sites other than Photobucket? I have an absolutely splendid photo of a kitty that I’d like to get on the board, but I’m not having much luck with Photobucket - can never get an upload to go over 22% before hanging up. The size is not large (302 Kb), but for some reason PB doesn’t like me very much.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I use Flikr, and then just link to the URL of the largest size image.

You needn’t even register to upload.

Photobucket works great I use it here all the time.

You can’t post pictures on here only the link.

Let’s say you want your PICURE HERE you go to your photobucket and copy the URL. It’s the drop down menu below your pictures.
Pick the Direct Link and copy it, control C for copy.

Then you come here and post it using this code.

[name of the title](http:// the url direct link for your picture )

when you paste view the url file you hit control V for view it just above between the brackets.

It seems complicated but after a few it’s easy.

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Thanks, guys. I tried tinypic and it worked great. I’ll probably give photobucket another shot, but not right now.

You can see the results here on MPSIMS under the title “What are your pets thinking?”