Photos of astronaut written notes scrawled on the walls of the Apollo 11 command module.

There’s a very cool article in the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine about a 3d imaging project of the Apollo 11 command module.

About two thirds down the page there’s a slide show of various things the astronauts taped or wrote on the walls.

Thank you for sharing. I know some people that will like this.

They all need our help.

I like that he wrote the year on the hand-drawn calendar. So if the moon-shot ran over by more than 11 months, they wouldn’t get mixed up.

I like the locker they labeled “smelly waste!”. I wonder if anyone has ever opened it.

Great link! I was sure that there was more to the Apollo 11 landing than computers, and instructions from Mission Control, and clipboard checklists.

Nice to see that the astronauts were human. Thanks again!

Wonder what the guys on Apollo 13 wrote on the walls after things started going south.