Phrases or words that switch off your intrest (films)

It also puzzles me when the trailer touts that this movie was filmed by people who made previous bad movies. "From the producers of “Armageddon…” for example. I hated ‘Armaggeddon!’ I don’t know a single person who saw ‘Armaggeddon’ who liked it. Why would I go see a movie made by the same people that made that travesty?

“Hugh Grant”


The best film x has done since, well, the last film they did.

Directed by Oliver Stone.

Critics are calling this Vin Diesel’s finest performance! As if that took much.

A bold retelling of the classic story, for today’s audiences.

Written and directed by Woody Allen.

Starring (insert skinny, overrated pop singer) in her first feature role.

In the traditions of x (in other words, sponging off of the success of x).

x: the Movie. Ye gods! No more lame tv shows made into lame movies! No more live action cartoons, dammit!

Ben Stiller & High Grant. If they ever make a film together I’ll firebomb my local cinema.

High Grant = Hugh Grant. :smack:

tagline from some hideous piece of crap I wasn’t planning on seeing anyway: “If you don’t like this movie, YOU JUST DON’T LIKE MOVIES!!” My word. What subtle advertising. :rolleyes:

“If you liked her in Xxxxxx, you’ll love her in Xyxyxyxy

“This movie will change your outlook on politics/life/death/love/parenthood!” Considering what I’m paying, it should be a life changing expreience, but I’ll settle for being entertained.

No, no, I got you all beat. Zany. I don’t believe I have ever willingly gone to see a movie that anybody at any time ever called “zany”.

Also, “From the producers of…” - not the director, not the cinematographer, not even the costumer, the producer. That’d be a no.

Then again, watching previews for the movie you’ve just watched on the Special Features of a DVD has been extremely enlightening as to the misleading nature of previews. “It was not!”, usually in a good way.

Oops, shows how much I pay attention. In which case, the only thing Disney is doing right right now is good dubs of the Studio Ghibli films. I’m glad they agreed not to change the content.

“A Thrill Ride” – No characterization, or plot logic, but a lot of action. Feh.

“Featuring songs by [currently big popular artists]” – not that there’s anything wrong with using songs by them, but when that’s what’s stressed in the ads, something is wrong.

I agree on “From the Producer of.” TV shows are run by producers; movies are run by directors.

Ads that show people coming out of the theater saying how great the film was. – you just can’t fake word of mouth.

romantic comedy

family (for the whole family, family film…what have you)

not funny but fun

fun for the whole family

I third “from the producers of…” That’s the kiss of death.

In that vein: "If you loved " _____ ", you’ll love " ____.

Also, “It’ll make you stand up and cheer!”

Why, Kizarvexius! Are you suggesting that Glitter and Crossroads aren’t cinematic masterpieces?


Inspired by…

Which means they made the whole thing up.

“Science Fiction”
“Peter Jackson”
“The Rock”
“Jean Claude-Van Damme”
“Antonio Banderas”
“Meg Ryan”

“Kevin Costner”

This weekend I saw a preview for a movie that was “from the people who brought you <ICan’tRememberButItWasn’tAnythingGreat>”.

That means what? The same projectionist?

“Chevy Chase.” And I’m not interested.


I love good westerns and I like a lot of the comedy of all those actors… some more than others, but that would suck serious ass.

Well no, it really means they ripped it off. It they made the whole thing up that would imply originality.