Phrases or words that switch off your intrest (films)

No offence meant to any fans, but the word ‘western’ instantly switches my intrest off. I can’t find the appeal in watching a western. I am sure they are brilliant pieces of filmmaking, but they don’t ‘do it’ for me.

The same goes for ‘Horror’ and ‘Thriller’.

There are exceptions to the above (Western: Wyat Earp, Horror: Sixth Sense, Thriller: Err… I’m sure there’s something) but generally the rule applies.

Pauly Shore.

“Epic” or “heartfelt.”

“Merchant/Ivory” and “Wacky”. Then again, if it were a “wacky Merchant/Ivory” film, I might go.

Western (too dusty, everyone looks like they need a bath)
Romantic Comedy (uh, no)
Rated PG-13 (sometimes you just gotta say fuck and flash a nipple, you know?)
Timeless Romance (uh, I said no)
Russell Crowe (overrated assclown)

“period piece”

“Feel-good film of the _____ [year/month/week/decade].”
“Romantic comedy.”
“Incredible special effects.”

Almost a sure sign that it’s going to suck ass.

“Two thumbs WAY up!” usually translates to mean middle-brow, predictable, unadventurous.

Disney. Although there are exceptions (Spirit), I haven’t particularly liked anything they’ve put out in the last few years. Most of it is just money grabs anyways. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my Beauty and the Beast tape.

The ads for Chronicles of Riddick DVD are actually touting the aded special effects…and nothing else.

Wow. Speaking of suckitude…

[ul][li]“Starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson”[/li][li]“Starring Will Ferrell”[/li][li] Westerns[/ul][/li]
All three are guaranteed to make me zone out.


So a Western starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell would be a surefire cure for insomnia?

Yes I know, I know. :smack:



“Ben Affleck”


Shucks, no offense taken about “westerns;” Westerns are what pretentious cineasts contemplate. “Cowboy movies” are what they are called when one is a child and either falls in love with them or does not.

Anyway, the pitch "You’ll laugh, (clip of “comedy”) **you’ll cry, **(clip of bathos) **it will become a part of you **(usually an esemble shot)," or anything similar might get me to leave the theater even if it’s played during the comming attractions before a movie I want to see.

And “Romantic Comedy” like polite conversation, is usually neither.

Any movie that guarantees that a character will learn something about him/herself or two characters from different backgrounds will learn something about each other and thus, themselves. Especially if the characters hate each other in the beginning.

“. . . a story about the power of the human spirit!”

“family drama”

BTW anyone. How many ‘Air Bud’ Movies are there? Those things seem to have taken over my daytime movie channels.

Actually if you mean Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron it was a Dreamworks picture, so it doesn’t attone for the sins of the Disney Corporation