Phred to picket Liz's funeral

How can god be so incompetent that he hasn’t buried this bunch in burning sulphur and asphalt?

You sound surprised.

Given Liz’s outspoken LGBT advocacy, I think Phred would be honor-bound to picket her funeral. Although using “Phred” and “honor” in the same paragraph nearly caused my fingers to lock up.

As for the question, I can think of several possibilities: a) the Almighty really is the deranged sadist Phred & co. worship; b) s/he has a really warped sense of humor, and keeps them around for comic relief; or c) s/he is unwilling to waste perfectly good sulphur and asphalt.

… and have them knocking on the Gates, demanding admission and generally lowering the tone of the whole neighbourhood?

He knows his onions.


I really hope that Phelps and clan actually do have the balls to picket Liz’s funeral. Watching the ensuing massacre would be great fun and I’m sure Elizabeth would approve wholeheartedly.

But somehow, just somehow, I think is yet another of their chicken-shitted threats. They’ll have a previous engagement that day, at some poor shmuck’s funeral where the media attention is slightly less effusive.

But I really really wish they would turn up. :smiley:

I have this half-baked theory that there is a certain amount of stupidity which must be left loose in the world… when it concentrates on a focus point, it simply means that there’s less stupid elsewhere; conversely, when some stupidity gets kicked out from a given place, it must go someplace else.

So maybe every time someone else discovers that being gay does not one the Antichrist make, another of Phred’s braincells dies.

Plus yeah, She definitely does have a sense of humor - and it gets pretty low sometimes.

I hope he does picket and gets the treatment he so royally deserves.

What he deserves is to be ignored, to go utterly unnoticed on the occasion. That troll thrives on attention, on being insulted and struggled with. He wants to be infamous - and rich from lawsuits his family files.

Taylor helped found one of the organizations that went on to form the American Foundation for AIDS Research. She, along with many others, helped people understand HIV and not fear people infected with the virus. Her celebrity status helped tremendously. For that reason alone, she has done infinitely more good on this earth than all of Phelps’ attempts to warn against sin. Phelps could change his stripes tomorrow, repent of his hate, and dedicate all of his money and time to doing good deeds and he’d still be left in the dust.

I wonder… would it be possible, do you think, to make something positive out of old Fred’s tendency to picket funerals? Suppose we started to look at presence of the Westboro Baptists as a tribute to the deceased’s qualities in life – almost like professional mourners. Who knows – they might even become fashionable.

I don’t know whether it would have any effect at all on the Phelps, but it might make everyone else feel better about things.

“I must say, she had a lovely send-off. Even the Westboro Baptists turned up.”

“Yes – it’s what she would have wanted.”

As was said in another thread “I intend to live my life in such a way that the WBC picket’s my funeral!” LOL

I still have video I taped off the television in the 90’s, taken in San Francisco when the WBC actually went out and picketed the funeral of Randy Shilts, well-known author and reporter for the SF Chronicle. Got all three networks and CNN. The police stood along the edge of the sidewalk to protect the Phelps, who were standing behind them. A mass of mockers was on the other side of the street, in front of the church where the funeral was taking place. All I can say is some of the mockers had either military experience, or sports throwing experience, becauase they were throwing something(not sure, eggs? something white anyway. The material arced up over the heads of the cops and fell on the heads of the WBC. They stayed all of about sixty seconds.

A speaker at the funeral said “The good reverend said he’d come here to shadow us ‘like some kind of ugly dog’. That’s just the kind of statement I’d expect from a son of a bitch!”

At the risk of sounding off-kilter, I have to say that this is one case where their picketing makes sense. Ms Taylor was, in fact, an outspoken advocate of GLBT issues. I say this to distinguish her from some random soldier, whose conneciton to supporting the LGBT causes would be considerably more tenuous.

So while their picketing is always mean-spirited, and for a reprehensible cause, this is the first one I’ve heard in a while where it actually makes some sort of internal consistent sense.

This argument always comes up every time Phelps is discussed.

The critical concept that many people seem unable to grasp is that some things are un-ignorable.

It’s a basic part of human nature that we will take notice of people like Phelps and their shtick. He is always going to be able to get the attention that he wants. Always. It is completely impossible for everyone to just ignore him.

I know, but it would be the only way to make him stop picketing funerals - well, unless he gets an even more assholish idea in his head. In response to a statement of what treatment he deserves, “being completely ignored” is correct, but impossible, I agree.

“The problem is not that there’s too much lightning in the world, but that it’s improperly distributed.” - Mark Twain

I heartily approve of this sentiment. (The last two lines read in my head with a hushed tone, for maximum lolz.) Thumbs up, Wotnot.

WotNot, I like that. Perhaps each funeral that gets picketed could have someone who’s good at keeping their cool smilingly go over to the WBC protesters and “sincerely” thank them for coming, he/she would have wanted it that way, everyone there is so impressed about what a good life he/she must have led, and then leave. Naturally this has to be done with them calling this person terrible things all the while, so you’d need someone with a cool head at the time. Funeral directors might write into their contracts the option to have one of their staff carry out the role of WBC-annoyer. Maybe even a tasteful banner welcoming the WBC for attending and showing everyone what a wonderful person the deceased is.

Oo, or a Society page notice about who was special enough to have been so “honored” at their funeral.

Hah. I looked at the thread title and wondered, “what would a kinda obscure lesbian folk-singer be doing picketing anyone’s funeral? Sounds more like Fred Phelps.” Then I realized I was thinking of Phranc.

**Ferret Herder, **yes, that’s very much the sort of thing I was imagining.

Would you be expected to tip them, though, or what?

I wonder if this will backfire. Elizabeth Taylor was pretty well liked. Sure she had a lot of hatred directed at her in her career but that was decades ago, for the last two decades, she’s been very well liked by everyone on both sides of the political spectrum.

I guess we’ll see won’t we

What, you think this might reduce Fred Phelps’ popularity rating?

Would that be possible?