Pic-tac-toe - a puzzle

A post in a blog that I read inspired me to do my own pic-tac-toe.

The idea is that you have 9 images in a 3x3 grid, and each row, column, and diagonal have a theme. So you have to guess all eight themes.

Here is the image

1st row: Bugs

2nd row: Queens

3rd row: Walls

1st column: Albums

2nd column: Alice in Wonderland

3rd column: Monarchs?

Upper left to lower right: Hearts

Upper right to lower left: Not a clue

1 Rock Albums
2 Fantasy???

1 Insects
2 Queens
3 Walls

1 Hearts (Seargent Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band)
2 ???

Oh, the third column is:

Art. (The hand has henna)

[spoiler]Row 1: Bugs
Row 2: Queens
Row 3: Walls

Column 1: Classic rock ‘n’ roll albums
Column 2: Children’s stories
Column 3: The British Empire

Top left to bottom right: Hearts
Top right to bottom left: Pink things[/spoiler]

I’d agree with Cher3’s first answers for most.

The rationale for the third column as monarchs might be - monarch butterfly, Queen Victoria, and that the picture is at the Ram Raja Temple (discoverable by following your links).

My other guess for that column, which I’m much less confident is “India” : mehndi (possibly originated in India), The Empress of India, and a picture taken in India (with an Indian script).

The LL-UR diagonal I’d specifically call ‘shades of red’ : Pink, The Red Queen, and henna.

So, Zyada - confirmation/denial of answers?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this! :o

cher3 got everything correct except for column 3 and the / diagonal, although I was aiming for bands in Column one, I’ll accept albums.

India is correct for the third column - mehndi (traditional decoration for brides in certain parts of India); Queen Victoria, Viceroy of India; and Indian script in the graffiti.

And the / column was basically “colorful” - really, really lame. I like panamajack’s answer better!

Without reading anyone else’s answers:

No clue
Stuff on walls

Faerie tales

No clue

That’s interesting. I really wanted to work “pink” into it somehow, too, but I thought it would be reaching too much.

Although now I realize that’s the Queen of Hearts, not the Red Queen.

But she is red (and red-faced).