Pick one handheld sf/fantasy item as your very own.

Here’s a few simple rules:

  1. The item must be small enough to hold in your hand. YOUR hand, not Colossal Boy’s.

  2. It must be an item that is intended to be used on its own, not as part of a much larger unit: in other word’s, Iron Man’s left gauntlet does not qualify.

  3. Items that can warp reality, create objects from nothingness, replicate themselves, or otherwise make the user nigh-omnipotent are disqualified. No Green Lantern power rings, Cosmic Cubes, or Infinity Gems, in other words.

  4. Whatever liabilities the object has in the story you’re taking it from carry over into the real world. The One Ring is going to eventually corrupt you, in other words, or at the very least reduce you to subsisting on blind cave fish and however many goblins you can murder.

So with those restrictions, what would you want?


I get the light sabre!

Vroom zromm kzzzzkt vroozt

whoops - thump

Can I get Lukes artificial hand as a bonus prize?


Dibs on Narya (Gandalf’s ring), then. Score!

Nope. It’s why I’d avoid the light saber unless it comes with Jedi reflexes. Yes, Han successfully used one once–but he was just carving up a dead ice-kangaroo, and, anyway, he was Han.

To answer my own question: I was a Legion flight ring, three-boot edition. Admittedly, the communication features are useless, but being able to fly at supersonic speeds and travel in space (they have the nice instant-invisible-pressure-suit feature now) would make up for it.

A D&D Ring of Telekinesis would be my first pick. What’s not to like about being able to exert a hundred kilos of force at a range of over two hundred meters?

Your enemies start blaming all the accidental deaths on you.

I still want a Portal gun.

What makes you think I’m going to start killing people?

I don’t. I think your enemies start blaming accidental deaths you have NOTHING TO DO WITH on you, on account of being your enemies. They don’t like you, after all.

Ooooh, I want a Lens! Of course, only one woman ever had a Lens, but I can Mary Sue myself into one, can’t I?

I’d better check with Arisia and Mentor first, though.

No Mary Suing necessary. I can’t think of a reason a second woman couldn’t use a Lens, and, besides, you’re not staying in Mentor’s jurisdiction anyhow.

Cohe wand, baby!

Sure, I’d end up accidentally giving myself an extra asshole sooner rather than later…but still!


An Indigo Lantern’s…power…focus…device. We haven’t seen if they use rings, yet, but of the 7 Corps, they’re the one I have the most affinity for, and I want a Corps’ gear.

Eilonwy’s Golden Pelydryn. I suspect there’s a lot more to it than came out in the books.

The Auryn, thanks.

The sword Gonturan.

I want the Ginzuishou (sp?), AKA Empyrean Silver Crystal.

By the Power of Greyskull!

I was never a He-man fan, but if I have to call dibs on something…

From Scifi, I’d take a Blaster or a Hand Phaser.
Of course, there was this little ring of invisibility I’d had my eyes on, but I think some damn fool hobbit chucked it in a volcano. :wink:

I can’t believe that I, who haven’t been an active part of the fandom for 20+ years, am the first to mention The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

A Lens would be nice, but I don’t qualify for one, and I’d hate to have Mentor after my ass for “impersonating a Lensman.”

But from the same author…I think I’ll take a softball-sized faidon. Or maybe Roban’s gift to Blacky DuQuesne: a half-pound of metallic radium.

I don’t need SF toys. I want moola!