Pick the Bengals' Starting QB: The Game

Jon Kitna is apparently the starter in Game 5. Here are my predicted Bengals starting QBs for the rest of the season:

Game 6: Gus Frerotte
Game 7: Akili Smith
Game 8: Jon Kitna
Game 9: Scott Mitchell
Game 10: Akili Smith
Game 11: Spergon Wynn
Game 12: Boomer Esiason (out of retirement)
Game 13: Ken Anderson (out of retirement)
Game 14: Stoney Case
Game 15: David Klingler
Game 16: Andre Ware (will be relieved in second quarter by second stringer Koko B. Ware)

I figure Esiason and Anderson, in spite of their age, would give the Bengals the best chance to win (depending on who the opponent is), but since they are old, they will probably get injured easily, so I have them both penciled in for just one week.