Pickin' Up Chicks: The J Train Reviews the Chick Tracts

I was working on my web page (www.thejtrain.net) today, and I was trying to figure out a new feature I could add.

Then I was cleaning out the pockets of my white coat, and noticed the Chick Tracts I had picked up at work. Working in a North Carolina hospital is like working in Chick’s personal warehouse, and I’ve amassed quite a collection–sixteen that I can find, and a bunch more stashed around the house.

So I decided to get them all together and review them for the web site. Granted, they’re all available at www.chick.com, but it’s more fun to review the ones I’ve found in the wild.

I have three up so far. I know there are plenty of Chick “fans” here at the board, so I thought I’d spread the word here.


Well, that answers that question! I’ve seen references to “Chick Tracts” on the SDMB before, but I figured it was some kind of feminist literature…


Um, you’re not going to need me to come by and perform the Chick Tract Rite of Exorcism, are you?