PICTURE GALLERY: Girls With Tattoos

Kind of neat! Take a look!

PICTURE GALLERY: Girls With Tattoos

I like good ink pictures as much as the next person, but this is why I can’t stand to watch local news anymore. “Women have tattoos!” is a news story worthy of a 71-image photo gallery? Please.

astro, I’m hoping at some point you’ll get tired of starting threads that I close for lack of an OP. “Kind of neat! Take a look!” isn’t an OP, it’s spam.

If you wish to start a thread about women with tattoos that has an actual point, feel free.

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Reopened due to popular demand.

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Well, not-so-popular demand, then.

(Nm, I should have waited more than 15 mins before jumping to a conclusion.)

Some very good tats there. I kept thinking I’d see a picture of one of my exs.

Yuck. Tattoos on females are one of the worst abominations ever to the female body, right above Botox and Ugg boots.

I could not possibly disagree more.

I was watching a show called “Plastic Makes Perfect” and they mentioned in this show that tattoos on women is a form of body dysmorphic disorder similar to cutting - the more tattoos a woman has, the lower her self-esteem. I thought that was interesting. Also, tattooed men like tattooed women. They didn’t get into whether untattooed men like tattooed women, unfortunately.

Yuck. I don’t even like tattoos on Abby Sciuto.

Perhaps you should make a poll about it?
I (un-tattooed) don’t mind tatoos on a female as long as they’re small- sleeves or fully back ones aren’t my bag really.

I’m just one person, hardly a statistic, but I’m un-tattooed, have no real desire to get one, and I think tattoos on women can be very, very sexy.

Agree about Botox and Ugg boots; disagree about tatts.

For me, though, tattoos on women are really only sexy and appealing if they’re “proper” tattoos like some of the ones in the OP’s link. Every second twenty-something woman these days has a little tattoo in the small of her back, or on her ankle, and i find those pretty lame. But when a woman goes to the trouble to get some real tattoos done, i think it often looks sexy as hell.

ETA: I’m a guy, with no tattoos. My wife doesn’t have any either.

That seems like a massive assumption to make. On what were they basing it? I have two tattoos, I just got the second one last month. I have an extremely good body image, and I see no reason not to decorate it.

As for guys without tattoos liking tattooed women, my husband doesn’t have any ink but he’s thrilled with mine. Which is nice, but not really essential. The tattoo is for me. That it’s aesthetically pleasing to him is a bonus.

I dont mind tattoos, it is the facial piercings that bother me … [well ok, and the idea of genital piercing :eek:]

Did the same program suggest that tattooed men have similar issues with self-esteem? Seems like a rather sexist conclusion, IMO.

Anyway, not that I can stand against a bastion of reputable scientific journalism like “Plastic Makes Perfect”, but I can tell you that a lack of self-esteem had nothing to do with my decision to get a tattoo. Like my ear piercings and my nose stud, I got it because it looks pretty. Simple as that. I’ll probably even get a couple more someday, when and if I find a design I like enough to wear permanently.

Oh, and my un-tattooed BF likes it (as did the many other un-tattooed boys I dated before him).

If this was set up as some kind of a poll, my answers to the following categories would be:

Tattoos on females
Ok, I guess, but a full-body, psychedelic, Japanese, art-deco mural is too much.

Nose piercing
Oh, fuck, no.

Tongue piercing
Jutht making a thtatement?

Genital piercing
Kinda cool, but better you than me.

Well, we’re not likely to have a bunch of people coming in here and proclaiming that they got ink done because of their low self-esteem, are we? :slight_smile:

Yeah, “Plastic Makes Perfect” is hardly a science show, but a quick Google study shows that there may indeed be a link between self-esteem and tattooing. I’m curious about the link between men, tattooing and self-esteem, too.

Tattoos look like utter shit no matter who they’re on. The drab colors of ink look more akin to accidental blobs that happened to have the face of the last person you were fucking instead of looking like an intentional portrait of your latest love.

Red and white can look good on people’s skin, but any other color is going to look like a 10 year-old kid with a marker ran amok on you.

Shows what you know, white’s one of the ‘marginal’ colors that doesn’t always work out.