Piffle, I say!

That’s right, I’m looking at all of you ruffians, scofflaws and poltroons. A pox upon your houses!

I hope you didn’t piffle on the sidewalk.

i have never heard a person say piffle aside from me and my dear departed grandmother. awesome.

I say! (NSFW video)

My uncle recently shattered his ankle and has had to use a cane for the first time. I told him not to worry, he can wield it to cudgel shirkers and thrash miscreants. He’s exactly the type of person who would enjoy saying that, so I hope it helped. :slight_smile:

Whoa! Piffle is pretty strong language. Calm down before you blow an artery. We don’t want to get this moved to the Pit.

Hah! Resurrected from a pithy death. Fair gave me a case of the collywobbles, it did, seeing the poor little threadling thrashing about, mewling and puking as it went.

Poppycock… I say, Moderators: I really rather think you should put an end to this balderdash started by that cove Chefguy. And a jolly good riddance to it too…

Balderdash! This thread is a gentleman and a scholar.

This whole thread is just gormless. (Contributed by 1cctogo / a future Doper.)

Don’t make me show you what’s for!

Don’t forget the rapscallions. They’re the very worst kind of troublemakers.

ah rapscallions!
I haven’t met any since Dad was opining on world events-a long long time ago!

Knaves all I say. Damn their eyes!

You say piffle, I say p’shaw,
Let’s call the whole thing off.

But I’ve been dicing them into my porridge!

You forget yourself, sir!

Avast, ye mods, we do humbly beseech thee to remand we cantankerous band or n’er-do-goods to thine pit.

Hie thee hence, thou blackguard!

Withal, we are much vexed with churls and villeins.