Pilots can't drink tonic water?


Fact floated at Rosh Hashana table talk about Brits–>ships–>scurvy–>Limeys, Brits–>colonies–>malaria/quinine–>Gin and tonics.

Fact-spouter not brutally remonstrated with due to need to avoid accruing sins at precisely the wrong calendrical moment. Fact-spouter advised that the question would be raised on an Internet bulletin board. (Fact-spouter unimpressed.)

Fact-spouter not know us very well.

The content seems semi-coherent, but the title needs remedial attention,

AFIAK, pilots are not prohibited from drinking tonic water.

There is some question as to whether the quinine in tonic water might upset a pilot’s equilibrium and/or cause night blindness.

I don’t think the question is coherent enough for GQ. I’m going to close this. You can try again, but please make it clear what you are asking and why.