Pim Fortuyn shot. Probably dead.

see here.

This is the first time in the Netherlands.

I hated the man and his politics, but ; Will we become terrorists? :frowning:

Some people have a difficult time trusting in democracy. But from what I know of the place I think you’ll be ok.

Don’t worry!
If it becomes a problem, just exile the shooters to New York City, or L.A. Not only will nobody notice them amidst all the other loons, but the towns are punishment enough in and of themselves.

First time for what?

Political assassination hasn’t been completely absent from the history of the Netherlands. According to http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/section/WmSil_StruggleswithSpain.asp, William the Silent was assassinated way back in 1584.

Yeah, if it’s 400+ years between assassinations, I’d say you’ve got little to worry about.

Oh, fuck off, Bosda.

A dude was shot. You don’t need to go insulting people’s hometowns so you can acknowledge it.

Just to say; they’ve captured the killer.

I’m very relieved it is a Dutch white male.

There really would have been shit flying everywhere, if the man was a muslim or an immigrant.

A few things.

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Bosda, please join me in the Pit for a discussion of various cities’ attitudes toward murders for political purposes.

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