Dutch Assassination



This is, undoubtedly, bad. It makes me wonder if there’s a general anti-muslim backlash in the Netherlands… I recall the posts on the mullahs violating the descrimination laws, and so on. It makes me wonder about the wide-spread european rightward tilt.

It makes me wonder who did it.


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He is actually dead. He was shot at least 3 times. (in the head, neck and chest). There is a big rise in anti-Muslim sentiment, I feel. In the last years violence against gay people has risen to a ridiculous amount. Almost all of this violence is being used by Muslim youths.

Fact is that fundamentalist Muslims are the opposite of what the Netherlands stand for : liberty and equality. A religion which stigmatizes women as inferior and homesexuals as a lifeform lower than dogs has no place in Dutch society.

BY THE WAY : the killer was an extreme left-wing supporter of white, Dutch origin.


I was referring to a certain Mullah in the Netherlands who said this out loud in a press conference and refused to offer apologies, but only stated that he should have phrased it differently. He could not be sued for racism for some obscure reason (probably freedom of religion).

Funnily enough the people who made sure that this Mullah could not be persecuted were the same ones who tried to sue Fortuyn for his statement that “the Islam is a backward religion”.

This is also where the whole debate started about abolishing the anti-discrimination laws.

vinryk, I already replied to you in the other thread about Fortuyn. I now find this, somewhat troubling statement in this one. I think you are a little off in describing Islam in such a way. To not say that the generalist point you mistakenly slap on a world religion could just as well be applied to fundamentalist Christians, a movement that originated as a cult in amongst other places, where? Yes you are indeed correct, the Netherlands.

This is where I hope that for instance Collounsbury and/or ethicallynot would love to give us the straight dope on what the lowdown with Islam and Islamic culture is in these respects.

Further vinryk, statements formulated like yours above are IMHO a tad bit too inflammatory for this forum. I’m new here, and so are you so from one newbie to the other; if you absolutely must say things like that I think a better place would be the BBQ Pit.

Last but not least…this is a double thread…shouldn’t we stick to the first one opened?


Sparc, I have to admit there is truth in what you say. The thing is that I am quite emotional by this whole affair. The thing is that in certain parts of the Netherlands religions are becoming a problem (as is probably is in the rest of the world).

I am aware that I shouldn’t blame this on any one religion, but the people who abuse these religions to make people feel themselves better than others, which happens in Muslim religion a lot more than in Christian religion. (I don’t think I ever heard a Christian priest calling all other religions infidel dogs).

I will put this to rest in this forum and will reply no more.

So, in fact, you didn’t mean “a religion…” but you meant “a religion wherein one of its members…”

I can find you plenty of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. shitbags too. Anyway, the question “Cite?” usually requires (preferably) a URL, or reference to a printed work if that is unavailable.

Your statement seems needlessly inflammatory.

You might be right, Jimm.
That is because this is very close to home for me.
It is however my opinion.

I cannot give you cites or anything, because these issues are not discussable. There is a big taboo on questioning the ethics of certain religion. Pim Fortuyn was one of the people who tried to make this discussable and look where it got him.

By the way : I have the same opinion about Jewish, Christian or whatever other fundamentalist religion you can think of. People have a right to practice their religion as long as they do not insult or hurt other people.

So : flame on !!

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