Pimento Cheese recipes

One of the great traditions of the Masters Golf Tournament is Pimento Cheese sandwiches. I have never liked the pre-packaged stuff at the grocery store. I want me some good pimento cheese sandwiches for the weekend, while I watch the Masters

Googling the internet, I see that you need sharp cheddar (sharper the better!), mayonnaise, and obviously pimentos. Salt/Pepper. Maybe a vidalia (sweet) onion as a topper.

And other “secret” ingredients, spices? Tabasco? or Worcestershire? some diced onions? garlic?

Anyone make grilled pimento cheese sandwiches?

Definitely a dash of Tabasco. Otherwise don’t mess with it too much. Pimento Cheese is a comfort food to me. I don’t stray far from Grandma’s recipe.

Always shred your own cheese. Pre-shredded is shit. I use Duke’s mayo. People usually have a favorite. If I don’t have dukes I’ll use Hellman, or just whip up a bit of my own. I like a tad of shredded onion. Not much, just enough to give it a hint of onion - and use a real onion, not powder. Finally, some black pepper and a dash of ground red pepper. None of the additives should be in a large quantity. The cheese and pimento should remain the focus.

Use it for sandwiches, reg or grilled. Use it as the cheese on your burger. Use it as a dip. Yum. Now I want some. This is all even better when I get the hand crank shredder that belonged to my grandmother to do the onion and cheese…

I use a couple of different recipes, but the one I make most often I don’t use mayo, but do use pesto. However, it’s so different from most pimento cheese recipes that I don’t publicly call it “pimento cheese,” just “home-made cheese spread.”

Grilled pimento cheese sandwiches are AWESOME.

My mother’s recipe is (about) as follows:

1 lb sharp cheddar cheese - finely grated.
4oz Diced Pimentos, drained.
1/4 cup minced onion
2 t Black pepper - freshly ground

Put all that in a mixing bowl, and mix. Use just enough mayonnaise to bind it together.

Now I’m hungry for Pimento Cheese.

As ShelliBean said, grating your own cheddar is a MUST. Also, we use a dash of cayenne pepper. And it has to sit for a couple of hours for the flavors to meld.

We have friends who live in Atlanta, and we’ve been to The Masters twice to follow the pros. The pimento cheese sandwich I had there also had onions and watercress on it. Wrap it in green paper. Stand in the middle of your living room in front of the TV, hold the sandwich in your left hand, hold a Heineken in your right, and turn your nose up at anyone who’s drinking a beer from a gasp BROWN bottle. It’ll almost be like you’re there.

I’ve heard of people using Swiss cheese in addition to Cheddar.

As for me, I like Price’s spread just fine, thanks.

Thanks for the ideas. I wish I was back in Vermont to get some real cheddar cheese rather than the crap that is sold here in hicksville, missouri. (not a real town, but could be).

If a drink a beer, it will not be a heineken. It will be a Miller Lite. But for the most part, I have given up drinking (I sleep a lot better), so I will probably not drink anything.

Nor will I be garnishing the sandwich with watercress. I will probably get a Vidalia (or similar) onion because I like them and like to core stuff and grill them in foil with a ribeye steak on Sunday afternoon. Asparagus and Caesar salad sounds pretty good too.

Looks like it is going to be great weekend and tournament.

My recipe is similar to those above. Cheese, mayo, pimiento, a little onion, a little salt/pepper/cayenne.

But you guys have neglected the best use for pimiento cheese. Celery Stuffer!

Now I’m mad. Used the last of the celery two days ago and I am out of pimientos. So I guess pimiento cheese sandwiches and celery will have to wait until after my trip to town Saturday.

Two whole days you’re going to have me craving the stuff. :smiley:

It was my job on Saturday mornings to make this for my dad. Secret ingredient: Peanut Butter.

My favorite locally-available pimento cheese (I’m in central NC) uses sharp white cheddar cheese and mustard in addition to mayo and various peppers (pimentos, black pepper, cayenne, and a bit of Tabasco). It’s spreadable but not goopy, and works wonderfully on sandwiches and burgers (try throwing a slice or two of tomato in with your grilled pimento cheese sandwich or burger - oy vey). This same joint also makes a jalapeno-cheddar spread that is like pimento cheese cranked up to 11 - very good but way more spicy.

I’d wager that 99% of the people who don’t like pimento cheese have only had the grocery store tub variety which is about 50% mayo. I find this kind to be gross and most of the people that I know stay away from it (in the same sense that they stay away from stuff like Vienna sausages). OTOH, I tried the “pimento cheese burger” at a Ruby Tuesday in Virginia and I didn’t like their kind, either - too chunky, with coarsely-shredded yellow cheddar, mayo, and only a little bit of pepper.

I really do think consistency is key: you want enough lube (mayo/mustard) to make it spreadable, but not so much that it turns into liquid when you expose it to heat.

It’s essential that the little sandwiches one makes (white bread, triangles, crusts cut off) sit in the fridge for at least a few hours to overnight (under plastic wrap) before serving.

My mom always stuck her cheese in the freezer for an hour or so to let it get good and firm then she’d crumble it. I don’t know what she did to make it so damned good beyond that, but I’ve never had it taste like hers since.

Never had it and probably wouldn’t like it. I only barely tolerate pimentos in spanish olives and I’ve had the jarred versions. Pimentos suck. Rather eat roasted fresh red pepper minus the brine treatment or preserve with sharp cheddar and something creamy. I have more of a romescu sauce cheese idea for me… Red Pepper Russian dressing with almonds and sourdough and herbs… and sharp cheese melty toasty.

No mayonaise! Trust me. As others have said, grate your own Sharp cheddar, add pimentos, use heavy cream as a binder. That’s it. Add a little salt if you like. Don’t add too much cream. Use just enough to hold the spread together. This best pimento cheese recipe is courtesy of my friend’s grandmother. BTW, those of us who like mayo can spread a layer on the bread.

I don’t mind straying from traditional, so here’s what I do:

-Throw some cayenne and cumin and a clove of garlic in the food processor and whirl.
-Add some cubed sharp cheddar and whirl.
-Add about 3 oz. cream cheese and whirl.
-Add a giant spoonful of mayonnaise and whirl.
-Add some pimientos and whirl.

People eat it up; it’s mighty tasty.

What is the function of pimientos in pimiento cheese anyway? I’ve never beeen able to taste them, are they just there to add a bit of color?

If you can’t taste them, you aren’t adding enough.

Thanks for recipes. Had a friend get some sharp Vt cheddar from the big city (St Louis). I added a tablespoon of chopped jalapeños to give it some more pizzazz (and some more color). Lettng the flavors penetrate in fridge right now and getting ready this afternoon to watch the Masters.

Mayo + pimento + jalapeño + onion + salt + Pepper + cayenne + Tabasco.

ate a spoonful and it was delicious.

One sandwich and on some crackers. Yum.

Thanks for the ideas.