pimps up, hos down

amusing decision handed down by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, this week.

if only the defense had closed with “anything goes when it comes to hoes because pimpin’ ain’t easy.”

defense rests!

“Your Honor, I speak jive.”

What an amazing document.

Wow…I see something like that, I’m lucky to make it through two pages before I get bored and move on to something else. Forty-three pages later, and damn that was a good, educational read.

Ya’ll be cool or I’ll get out my “pimp stick”!

Occasionally, you gotta use da pimp stick on your “independant contractors”.


I knew when I saw teh movie American Pimp that there was some secret of the universe hidden in that movie. I now know that the key to that secret is hidden somewhere in this brief. I am going to spend a couple days going over this thing.

Thanks very much for the heads up.

HELD: it ain’t easy.

I can’t wait to read this when I get home (no acrobat on this box.)

It’s even funnier reading these concepts presented in totally un-jive jargon.

Here’s an excerpt:

Fascinating. And somehow amusing. :cool:

I must admit I failed to find it amusing. Reading a detailed description of violence, rape, extortion, slavery and child abuse is pretty damn depressing.

I realize it’s fun to dress up in a zoot suit with phat bling and talk jive, but these are nasty, evil people unworthy of humor.

Oh, and there will be a quiz at the end of the thread, so pay attention!

Gee, I wonder if any of those strip-clubs in Columbus, Georgia were ones my ex used to hang out at.

Can someone give me the name of the case. Everytime I try the link it kills my browser.

What friedo said. While it was somewhat humorous to read a court opinion which defined and explained all of the terminology in such a dry and matter of fact fashion, the underlying crimes and degradation associated with what these men did is anything but funny.

Velvet Jones v. Huggy Bear.

USA v. Charles Floyd Pipkins

And, while the acts of rape and degregation described in the evidence are not amusing, for some reason I chuckled at the concept of the city’s pimps conspiring to keep prices artificially high.


Pimp collusion? Only in America.

I for one was fascinated and surprised by the “gentlemanny” business ways of the pimps. Not towards the prostitutes though, obviously, but towards one another. I always imagined strict feuds and killing each others prostitutes if they left for another pimp etc…

Of course, this is a horrible lifestyle and is not one to admire or wish for, but I still find it morbidly fascinating reading about the structure and customs of these people.

Please describe the defining characteristic of a “Choosey Susie”.

No partial credit.

C’mon, guys, I don’t think anyone here would seriously disagree with you that the underlying crimes are seriously unfunny. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find black humor/and or fascination with the situation, so long as it has somewhat of a happy ending. Cops, prosecutors and defense attorneys often seem odd to others for finding humor in aspects of a crime that others would generally find alarming. I’d be willing to make a bet that the FBI agents found some level of amusement at the fact that the pimps chose to extensively document their crimes and give a first hand account of the workings of their organization by making a series of how-to instructional videos.