Pining for the coloured smilies....

I like the new vB, really I do.

I like the fact that the ChiReader thought it was worth spending the $$ for an upgrade: “they like us - they really like us!”

But I miss the green smilie, sticking out its tongue; the soft amber cool smilie; the frowning red smilie; the azure big grin smilie; the truly blushing smilie.

Is there no way that they can come back? Are we cursed forever with bland yellow-cream smilies?

As soon as my eyes saw the words “Pining for…” my accursed brain automatically filled in “the fjords.”

I just had to say that.

Oh, and I kinda like the previous colors of the smilies myself. These pale ones sort of lack individuality or something.

[sup]But I’m not complaining or anything… really.[/sup]

The old smilies had beautiful plumage.

Now, now, I miss them, too, dear, but it’s like moving into a new house (remember when we changed over from UBB to VBulletin, many moons ago?)–we have to give the admins time to get the water, gas, phone, and electric turned on before we start nagging them about the drapes that give an interesting “underwater” effect in the living room, and the tacky linoleum in the kitchen. (Can you say “butt ugly”?)

We’ve only been living in the house since Sunday night. I know it seems like forever, but it’s really only been three working days–Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And even Godlike Administrators have to sleep sometimes.

I am assuming that one day–one bright sunny day–we will all suddenly notice that the smilies have mysteriously changed back to their normal colors and once again there will be music in the presence of Iluvatar…

[er, Tuba? I know you’re busy installing the new bathtub, but could I just have a word with you about the Elvis Memorial Flowerbed in the front yard?..]

Smilies are pretty low on MY list anyway.

As an aside – has anyone else noticed how terribly … sad … the faces on the “Buddy List” button look?

Those are faces? I thought they were little clubs, (think cards) or flowers or something. Gah, I need a new monitor…

Not to nitpick or anything, but the frowning smiley ( :frowning: ) was blue. The mad face ( :mad: ) was the red smiley. Love the font colors, hate the smilies…

Well, hate is pretty strong, I just don’t like them very much.

Pining no more! beautiful plumage!

:o :wink: :cool: :confused: :mad: :wink: :slight_smile: :frowning: :smiley: :rolleyes: ;j :eek: :rolleyes: :p:wally

Huh? I know the new smilies are supposed to be back, but…I still see drab yellow :(. Is this a browser thing? I’m using Mozilla 0.9.8 … I really want the old smilies back too, if possible!

mnemosyne, read The Other Thread. I’ve given you a few answers there.

Plus, I got to use a lot of Latin. Check it out. :cool:


(Just in case you see this thread afore t’other one.)