Pirates of the Caribbean: It's Rated "Arrr!" Part 2

You can see the first part here.

So, has anyone else watched the DVD commentary with the screenwriters?

It has to be one of the best commentaries I’ve ever seen. I learned a lot about the movie, a lot about screenwriting, and laughed pretty much all the time. And I finally got the answers to a couple questions, like “What story is Jack telling when we see Elizabeth splash into the water?” ("…and then, they made me their chief.").

I wish they had an Orlando Bloom commentary, mainly because I’d like to hear how he kept a straight face.


I rented it and watched it again, but not with the commentaries. I’m just posting here to say that you can see Orlando Bloom’s LOTR elvish tattoo in POTC; it’s when he and Jack are involved in a sword duel in the blacksmith’s shop. When he raises his right arm above his head for a few moments, his sleeve falls back and you can see it on his forearm.

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The tatoos the fellowship all got together in New Zealand are supposed to be on their left hip, close to the groin. At lest that’'s what Elijah Wood said when he stupidly broke the trust they’d sworn when they all got them - he just had to show his to some twit on Access Hollywood. They showed the reactions of the others when they were informed that he showed it on TV, and they seemed justifiably pissed. What a stupid thing to do. They had something beautiful that was just supposed to be between the nine of them, and he pissed it away for a cheap publicity shot.
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By the way, I just got the DVD, so I’ll have more thoughts on-topic after the weekend.

[more hijack-ness]No, the members of the Fellowship each got their tattoos in a different place. And as I recall, Ian McKellan was actually the first to show his off, followed by (I think) Sean Astin. Elijah Wood was the third, not the first.[/hijack]

I’m planning to rent the POTC DVD tonight, so the news that the commentaries are good is a welcome one. :slight_smile: