Pissweasel and other assorted classics

I recently read a particularly descriptive term which was penned by the illustrious Shot From Guns (I can’t find the thread). Since discovering it, I have replaced the old standby ‘asshat’ with ‘Dickgarage’ into my everyday vernacular.

Any of the Dopers here have their own special witticisms they hold near and dear for those who are truly worthy of that description?

I recently started using "cockwallet"to describe just such a person.

On further thought, it would seem dickgarage and cockwallet amount to the same thing.

I like to use “ass tampon” here and there.

I don’t see many other people using it.

I remember “twatwaffle” being popular for awhile.

Just popping in to say that I too enjoyed that “dickgarage” epithet. It will be making its way into my usual rotation shortly.

Mine too, except I might modify it to “a two dick garage with an entrance out back”

I used to use cock holster as an epithet, but I haven’t broken out that ol’ chestnut in awhile.

Is it worth noting that the quality that makes phrases like cockwallet, twatwaffle and turdburgler funny is referred to as “assonance”?

heh - he said assonance.

One of tygre’s internet haunts is currently doing sterling research on portmanteau swearing. I’m sure she can stop by with latest breakthroughs later.

My boss once used “El Fucko” during a meeting (as in “If this check doesn’t come in we’ll be El Fucko”), which we’re still using.

I picked up fuckknuckle from an Australian acquaintance. Don’t use it too often, but it’s nice to have around in case I need it.

“El Fucko” is sublime. I’m storing that one into the mental Rolodex.

I’m all for dickgarage as well… i saw that in the pit and almost shot booze out my nose.

I think “cocksocket” has a nice assonance to it.

I carry it on me but I’ve never had to use it. It’s just nice to know its there if I ever need it.