Pit Bull on My Front Porch

It looks like someone has used or tried to use this pit bull for fighting because there are scars all over her face and a few odd ones on her body. I’m not forensic expert (I’ve seen a lot of CSI though) and the little round scars on her body look kind of like cigar burns to me but I can’t be absolutely sure. From the look of her teats it appears as though she had puppies fairly recently and I’m wondering if someone abandoned her and kept the puppies. She’s got a collar on but of course there isn’t any name tag.

The weird thing is that this dog is a complete sweet heart. Maybe she was rescued by someone who took care of her because she appears completely at ease around people. Perhaps I’m simply mistaken about someone having used her for fighting in the past but all those scars really make me wonder.

I can’t keep her. Even if I could I probably wouldn’t because I’ve got a pit bull who appears to have been abused in the past and I’m certainly not going to take any chances on having it turn against me, my wife, or our teeny tiny dog. We gave her water and some food and now she just won’t leave. If she’s still here tomorrow I’m going to have to take her to a shelter and the county has a policy of putting down all pit bulls they receive.

This sucks.


Are there any rescue groups that might take her? If you go to www.petfinder.com and put in your zipcode, it should bring up some of the groups in your area. That really is terrible.

My boy Blue is a Catahoula but people commonly mistake him for Pit. I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t found him.

Will you go so far as to take her to the vet for a looksee just in case the lesions aren’t cigar burns? It’d be a shame to have a lost dog put down on false assumptions. I’ll chip in ten bucks if it’ll help get an ad in the paper.

We tried to put a leash on her so she’d be safe in our backyard but the poor thing got very frightened and started hitting her head on the fence to escape. We let her off the leash but now she’s got a brand new wound on her head to show for it. Now I feel awful. She didn’t get violent towards us though just against herself while she tried to escape.

Thanks for the link Omega Glory we’re trying to find someone who might be interested in adoption.


I think this thread will get better advice in IMHO.

http://www.pin ups forpitbulls.com/

Take out the word spaces. It may be work-inappropriate. I’m sure Little Darling, the moving force behind PUFPB, would be happy to publicize the plight of your new friend.

Fighting pits aren’t often people-aggressive, just dog-aggressive. The people running the fights have to be able to handle the dogs, after all. Just do NOT let it anywhere near your dog!

Try having a vet or shelter scan it for a microchip - if it has been rescued and re-homed, it may be chipped.

If the leash frightened her and you can’t get her to the vet, see if there is a vet in your area who does housecalls. We have a few in our area who do, and they are no more expensive than regular in-office vets. This is great for times like these.

Also call the local pit rescue. They will know what to do in cases like these. Where are you located? The last thing you want is to advertise the dog for adoption and have someone adopt her and throw her right back into the fighting ring, especially if you are in an area where dog fighting occurs. She’s better of going to a rescue group who will know how to place her with the right family and rehab her so she will be a safe dog to adopt.

I can help you locate the right rescue group, if you want.

Good luck! And thank you for helping this poor little pooch.

Where are you? Send me a board PM if you like. I might be able to point you at some resource.


The dog disappeared. Someone literally came and took her while our backs were turned for about 5 minutes while we were in the kitchen making her some food. Probably one of our neighbors.